How To Play Free Stock Market Game

Are you still hesitant to start investing in the stock market because of its risks? Do you want to practice your learning first before you open a stock market account for trading or investing? Why not start with a GAME? You can practice your knowledge and skills in stocks trading or investing by playing a game called Philippine Stock Trading Game. [panel-image src=""] From their website: Stock Trading Game (STG) is an ideal method to practice investment strategies, test theories, practice day trading, learn about the various markets, and compete with other players. Joining the game is for free. Only fictitious money is involved so the player is not committing anything except his time. The Stock Trading Game is created so that soon-to-be investors can have the feel of investing. They will be given a 'play' money amounting to 1 Million and he can already start to buy and sell stocks. He can apply strategies, practice trading and test his knowledge about different stocks. He can also compete against other players as there are competitions inside the game. Personally, I tried to play this same game before I started investing in the stock market. I learned about lot sizes and saw the up and down trends of stock prices.[divider] [impt text="How to play the Philippine Stock Trading Game?"] 1. Register an account by visiting Philippine Stock Trading Game website here 2. Enter all required information indicated by an asterisk (*) [panel-image src=""] 3. Once a confirmation message saying 'Profile Successfully Created', you can now proceed to the game by clicking Login on the sidebar 4. You will now see your initial portfolio. You will have a starting 1 Million as your net portfolio value [panel-image src=""] 5. From that page, you can either buy or sell, view open orders, transactions and log out to exit the game [divider] [impt text="Some notes about this stock market game"] 1. You are required to register before playing the game. 2. Treat it as if you are actually trading and investing. 3. You can only buy / sell during the Philippine Trading Hours from 9 AM to 12 NN. 4. There will be add-on charges, just like the real thing. 5. To view the rules and guidelines in detail, please visit the link here. With this free stock market game, there are no more reasons why one cannot learn how to trade or invest in the stock market. Give it a try now!

Mark Hugh Neri

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