Fresh Graduate Tips - How to Land Your First Job?

It's the time of the year where fresh graduates are very busy looking for their first job. Resumes are prepared, printed, submitted to recruitment or Human Resource department or even through job search engines online. From morning until afternoon there will be interviews, some would even have until midnight to finish the long queue of applicants seeking their first work experience. Experienced professional deals with challenges when it comes to job application. What more a fresh graduate?

Here are some simple tips for someone who is looking for his or her first ever job.

1. Come prepared.

Before you go straight ahead to the interview, make sure you know something about the company. At least you should know what does the company do and what will be the role you are applying for. Come in professional attire with several copies of your resume, two pens and a notebook for note taking.

2. Come on-time.

Being late will have a negative impression on your application. At least come 30 minutes before the interview, the earlier the better. A reason such as 'traffic jam' may sound very unprofessional.

3. Act professional.

You don't go for an interview as if you are going to a casual meetup. Shake hands, and introduce yourself politely. Don't sit unless you are asked to and always look into your interviewer's eyes when he or she is listening or talking.

4. Don't look dumb but ask questions.

Be smart and intelligent. Answer each question with confidence. Don't pause very long, tell the interviewer to give you some time to think about the answer if you don't know the answer right away. If something is not clear, do not be afraid to ask questions.

5. Wear enthusiasm.

Be very interested in the interview and the job role you are applying for as if it is your dream job. They don't like to hire applicants who wants to have a job just for the sake of having one.

6. Be honest.

Never ever tell a lie. A lie won't help you land a job but can get you into more trouble. If you are planning to impress your interviewer by telling a lie, you better think again.

7. Be prepared to answer personal questions.

Some interviewers ask personal questions like who are your parents, where do you live or what things do you do outside work. Just answer honestly and with confidence. Answer these questions straight to the point. Never elaborate personal topics as it has very little importance to most interviews.

Landing your first job is a mix of preparation and confidence

8. Listen very well.

Your full attention should be on your interviewer. You should not be caught off-guard by asking him or her to repeat what he / she says or asks.

9. Stay connected, be relevant.

Your answer to what is your name should be your name. Don't provide irrelevant answers or trying to put in 'fillers' just to make the answer longer.

10. Follow-up.

After the interview give thanks and shake hands with the interviewer. Also, ask him or her if you can get the contact person where you can ask for follow-up. It shows that you are really interested for the job and avoids the hassle of just waiting for that return call.

Landing a job may seem very difficult at first but like most things in life, practice leads to perfection. If you fail for the first few interviews, take note of the possible mistakes you made and make sure you do not do it again for the next one. Good luck and may you successfully land your first job!

Mark Hugh Neri

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