A smarter way to get smart with Books using Fully Booked RCBC Bankard Mastercard

A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting. - Henry David Thoreau Books can never be separated from our lives. Electronic books and many other technological advancement may sprout but nothing can replace a book than can be touched, kept, treasured, carry and sometimes smell. A book may be downloaded now but a hard print is the essence of knowledge being carried out anywhere even without electricity nor the plugs nor the internet. It has basically dominated civilizations wherein people took time to grow and learn. However, not all books of quality can be bought at an average price, most people's problem of getting a book they want is the financial factor. Even I have the same problem. In most cases, even a lot of people would love to read and look for books of specialty, the financial hindrances or the hassle may result to just unavailing the book.

Have you ever experienced going to a bookstore tried to take a peak, then suddenly a book of your dreams is in front of you waiting to be opened yet your budget could not afford a one shot purchase, or your budget does not include a space for a book? Well, I can empathize because I have experienced that and believe me, the regret that you have deep inside is really overwhelming and the only choice that I have got is to choose the best one that I can have at my certain allotted budget. Sometimes, you buy a book out of your credit or debit card yet there's nothing more for you in it.

Where do you buy your books?

One of my favorite spots for book search is Fully Booked. It's interior is magnificent, with very relaxing ambiance, plus a the wide selection of books is like a haven of information diversified 300, 000 titles. It has 11 stores where you can go into so its not a hassle to find. Just recently, we were lucky enough to be invited to its current partnership with RCBC for easier payment methods.

Introducing Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard

Now, here's a smart way to get smart with books. The RCBC and Fully Booked came up with a card in which anyone who buys from Fully booked shall enjoy Fully rewarding offers. If you buy a book using this card in Fully Booked , then you will get these awesome perks 10% Discount on purchases at Fully Booked Up to 10% cash rebates One free book on early purchases and on your renewal Invites to exclusive Fully Booked events, sales, new arrivals, zero percent interest installment, and discounts at partner establishments Spending Monitor so that you can be aware if the spending may be out of your pockets.

This product was recently launched at BGC Fully Booked and you may inquire on how to avail through RCBC branches or when you visit Fully Booked. Now, you can truly enjoy reading and reward yourself using this brand new offer. The Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard is for all of us who have passion for reading, would love to learn and most especially, for readers who are wise enough to get value of what they buy. Got to have one! Happy Reading everyone! Image from treehugger.com

Mark Hugh Neri

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