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My first Adsense payout is still yet to come. I opened my account sometime in 2011 when a colleague told me that it is possible to earn from blogging through Adsense. And so far I was not yet able to get my first Google Adsense paycheck since you need to cross the threshold of $100 before you can be paid. But it doesn’t stop me from exerting efforts on this venture - a venture to my goal of earning at least $1000 per month on a single blog. For some of you this might be very big or very small but that is my goal at the moment.

A $1000 on a single blog or website is both achievable and already rewarding for me but for some bloggers who already got the hang of blogging and internet marketing, it is really quite small. These bloggers are earning more than that, you might have heard of them already but I want to keep a list of them in my own blog so I can have someone to look up to and get motivated when days are not going well.

Dreaming of becoming on top as an Internet Money Maker?

Enough of the drama, here’s a short list of some bloggers or internet marketers who really made my $1000-goal a small-time goal.

1. John Chow from John Chow dot com. John Chow brags about earning $40,000 per month in just two years. He is a blogger, speaker and at the same time entrepreneur who makes a living out of his blogs including The Tech Zone. He is also the author of Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul which has become very popular in during the first week of its release. If you want to learn more about how to earn from blogging, you might want to go check out his website and register for free to download his ebook “Make Money Online with John Chow dot com”.

2. Pat Flyn from The Smart Passive Income Blog. Pat’s story is really inspiring. He earns similar to John Chow with figures of at least $45,000 for the past 6 months. His last reported financial income report last January this year showed that he earned more than $50,000. His blog on the link above is a good resource for people who want to make money out of living and internet marketing. He shares everything he knows even his own personal experience.

3. Jeff and Mandy of Dollars and Roses. Last February this couple has earned more than $16,000 from combination of their blogs – Good Financial Cents and House of Rose blog.

4. Kirsty from Nerdy Nomad. Kirsty is a traveler and last March she earned $6,458 from combination of Adsense, affiliate sales, Advertising and e-book sales from her own book about volunteering.

5. Mike from Mike earns $1,215.18 from a lot of sources last March. I noticed from his March’s monthly income report that he has a lot of revenue from interviews. So, I guess there’s another way of earning money online – interview people, create a video out of it, post it and earn!

These five people are only a few of hundreds (or thousands) of people who make really good money from their online ventures may it be blogging, niche websites, affiliate marketing, selling of e-products such as e-books, training materials and videos and many more. Though my target of $1,000 per month is quite small as compared to those figures above, I will stay consistent on creating more online assets as I wanted to have a financially free life someday and getting a good amount of passive money from internet marketing could help me achieve it faster. How about you, how much passive income are you earning from online assets? Share through the comments section below.

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