GizmoFinds - Question2Answers, Twitter Bootstrap and More!

Today I would like to start sharing whatever I find useful or interesting or both in the Internet for the month (or even for the week). Let's call it GizmoFinds - a regular share-article of what I was able to dig in the Internet. I won't focus on any particular topic on what to share. Can be anything from news, programming, business and finance, music and entertainment or even politics. For as long as it caught my interest, then I guess it is worth sharing to you as well.

Let's start with an answer

3 days ago I opened Ask @ Money Gizmo - a Question and Answer format site where you can ask anything about personal finance and making money online. It is powered by Question2Answer which is an open source PHP+MySQL based Q&A framework. It can also be integrated with your WordPress installation like what I did here at Money Gizmo. If you are planning to create your own Q&A site similar to Stack Overflow and you have a server that supports PHP and MySQL, then it's one of the good choice out there. Speaking of SO, there's a local version called Null Pointer.


WordPress new dashboard design

I love WordPress! Almost all of my sites are created with WordPress. So, I am excited about the upcoming update which also includes a new WP Admin UI. Also, you might want to check the upcoming Twenty-Thirteen WordPress default theme.

PMT and Warrior Forums

If you are learning, then chances are you will join forums. I have been a member of PMT for less than a year but I already learned a lot about investing and some SEO tips. And, I just recently found about Warrior Forum, and actively reading (since there's a registration fee) the forum about Adsense and SEO to learn more about SEO techniques.

Web Development with Twitter Bootstrap

I am currently studying web development technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery and AJAX when I stumbled upon this so-called Twitter Bootstrap. I thought this was a technology used to develop Twitter-applications. Though I am not sure if there exists such things. But, it was a freakin awesome tool you can use to give your site that 'sexy modern look'. Good thing I found it because I am currently working on a web-based tool.

Buy and Sell Ads

Also, I might try my fortune in this Advertising network - Just registered and waiting for approval. So, that's it for this month's post of GizmoFinds. I'll try to post again next week even if I am very busy with my project/s at work.

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Mark Hugh Neri

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