Goodbye 2011 - End of Year Reflection

Only few days before the new year comes, I wanted to reflect on what happened during this year. This year has been very significant to me since this is also the year when I decided to start my journey to financial freedom. This is when I discovered that learning how to take control of your finances would be important if we wanted to live our lives to the fullest. Early this year I focused on my career. I took certification exams and tried to excel on my role which I did successfully. I was able to get a good results for my first year with my current employer. But what makes the significance is that I was able to start my savings and investment. I was also able to venture out in a networking and a traditional business. And, at the age of 23, I am already insured. Now let's have a look at figures of all the things stated above. Employment. This is my main source of income and should be first on the list. Salary has gone a bit higher. At least higher than the rate of inflation. That's my rule when it comes to my salary - every year one should have an increase higher than the rate of inflation. Blogging. Yay! I was able to verify my Google Adsense since I passed on the 10 dollar mark. I am considering it a good start since I started this blog only three months ago and expecting that the return would be at least a year. Equity Mutual Funds. It's still very small at this time since I only commit to myself to add 2,000 pesos per month but at least I can see the fund growing. I don't plan to withdraw on this one at least for five years. Life Insurance. Paid and still never missed any due. Since this is also a Variable Unit Linked, I can also see the investment part growing. Networking Business. The results are not so good since I was not able to invite someone to be part of the business yet. But I was able to sell the products and still selling. I guess this is a good start. Pig-raising Venture. I called it Pigven. Of all the investment and business, this is what my focus is on. I started with five pigs and will be sold within March to April next year. I also had my first investors to help me with the expenses with a commitment of 30% annual return to them. Agricultural Farm Venture. A relative have pawned their land to me. A near 1 hectare with coconut trees and mango trees for 30,000 pesos. I am looking forward to the January harvest. They estimated that I might hold this for 3 to 4 years and I can use this as farm for the pigs if ever I am ready for expansion. Future Plans. Since I will be getting the money from the 'paluwagan' I joined this March, I plan to open a BPI Odyssey Bond UITF to be considered as my Emergency Fund. Once I paid all my credit card debt due to installment purchase, I will add that amount to this fund as well. I also plan to increase my business funds by 3,000 pesos after I finish my payment to the debt I used to pawn the agricultural land. So far these are my plans. Honestly I am having a hard time to do all these things plus the fact that I am also managing the computer shop that our family owns. On the contrary, I am excited on the results of these within the early months of 2012. Happy New Year! Save, Invest and continue to join me in my journey to financial freedom.

Mark Hugh Neri

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