Google Authorship Made Easy in WordPress

Did you ever wondered how some blog or website authors has their profile thumbnails on the side of their web pages in the Google search results page? Some people would say that there's a higher change that people would click on your site if you have a picture of yourself that will link to your Google Plus profile. This is what we call Google Authorship. This can also increase the probability of having your site visited because readers and visitors will likely to check sites whose authors are reputable. So, how does one implement such feature?

Sample of Google Authorship

Implementing Google Authorship in WordPress

The best and most popular blogging platform is WordPress. You have two ways to implement Google Authorship if you are using a blog like WordPress. The primary requirement of this feature is to have a Google Plus profile, if you don't have you can create one here and don't forget to upload your profile picture.

Step One - Create a link from your web page

First, you can manually create a link to all of your pages that has the following structure.

<a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Google</a>

You should replace the profile_url with the link to your profile. The link text can be anything, what's important here is the ?rel=author parameter of the link URL. This is Google's way of verifying that the web page is written by you. For my Google Authorship link, it will look something like below.

<a href="" title="Google+">Google</a>

If you don't want the hassle of adding the links manually to all your blog posts and web pages, you can use a WordPress plugin called Fancier Author Box. The same plugin I use here at Money Gizmo. It is basically an author box but if you notice the link generated for your Google Plus profile already include the ?rel=author parameter. Also, the plugin puts the author box to all articles and pages that you have written.

Fancier Author Box Plugin

Step Two - Confirm in your Google Plus Profile

The next step to enable Google Authorship is to create a reciprocal link in your profile. To do this, open your Google Plus profile and open the Contributor To section. Click on Add custom link and enter the domain name of your website or blog. Click on Save after.

Step Three - Verify

To verify if you have done it correctly, open Google Structured Data Testing tool and enter the URL of the page where a link with ?rel=author parameter is in place or where a Fancier Author Box is displayed. You should see a similar result below.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Now, if someone will be searching for your site your authors thumbnail picture will be shown beside the results page. This will increase click rates as people shows more trust to those kind of results. Please note that if you have only implemented Google Authorship today, it will take 1 to 2 weeks before it will be shown in Google Search results page.

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