Health Is Wealth. Wealth Is Health!

This last weekend I had a short trip to Numancia, Aklan, Philippines. My girlfriend was one of the bridesmaids and they invited me too. Before going there I was already a bit sick and was coughing badly for more than a week. To cut the story short, I was sick during the weekends and spent some money buying medicine for cough, colds and some vitamins. [panel-image src="" caption="Are you taking care of yourself?"] [impt text="Health is wealth"] It's a cliche but I just wanted to share how important our health over some other things. Health can equate to wealth. It can bring money inside your pocket and can also put a hole on it.[divider] [impt text="Take me from example"] One of the reasons I had a bad cough and colds was because I skipped taking my daily vitamins and because I was not able to have enough hours of sleep during the last two weeks. And due to these reasons, I caught sickness faster. And because I am sick, I was not able to enjoy the vacation hundred percent and I had to buy medicines just to feel well.[divider] [impt text="The worst case scenario"] Lucky me I was able to realize the importance of health and is already taking steps to cope up. But for some who are always taking health as last priority, worst case scenarios can happen. And when these cases happen,it will surely deal great damage to your wealth especially if you do not have an emergency fund.[divider] [impt text="Emergency fund to the rescue"] Most people withdraw their investments even on loss just to deal with expenses from emergencies such as sickness. See how it greatly damage your wealth? You just did not withdrawn from your investments but you did it with a loss. A typical emergency fund amounts to at least six months worth of your salary. Meaning, if you are going to lose your job, you still can live the same lifestyle for up to six months. You can also use this when you need to pay for the hospital bills and expenses for medicines. Your investment is intact and there would be no paper loss on it. [divider] What you need to do? This article only tells us two simple but important things. [impt text="First, start building your emergency fund."] You never know when you will be needing it. Typical amount is total of six months worth of your salary. Put it only in a savings account so that you can withdraw easily.[divider] [impt text="Second, live a healthy life."] Take your vitamins regularly, eat a balanced diet, have enough sleep and exercise.[divider] Hope this short article helped you understand the value of health in our life and how it can help you build your wealth. Again, being healthy is becoming wealthy!

Mark Hugh Neri

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