Hey, Big Spender!

In implementing the concept of saving, 1 point that we have to change in our life style is our spending. Why? There is no use in saving if you spend the same expenses with your daily spending budgets. Factors that we mostly encounter in being convinced in buying things that we really don’t need are: It’s cheap. It’s disposable, don't worry it’s worth it. It’s for one time use only. I'll use it for the meantime only and buy the exact one when I have enough. I cannot afford expensive stuff. I'll use it with care for it to last. It’s for SALE!!! Gosh! We’ve got a number of reasons with this, but we do not realize at that point that we are wasting our money. We got to avoid such as it causes budgeting disasters such as: running out of spending funds, borrowing money from friends or family, worst is borrowing money from your own savings in the bank, throwing the useless stuff bought etc. Most commonly we buy these things: Pirated CD’s, VCD’s, DVD’s, MP3 CD’s any many more Pirated calculator, headset, cellphone, LCD screen, TV, DVD player etc. Fake jeans, shorts, shirt, blouse, handkerchief and the like Fake shoes, slippers, bags, watches, umbrellas and so on. However most of the products in the country are fake it just mostly matters on how you present it. Like most people use fake watch or shoes that are not obvious. Bags, you wouldn’t hardly determine which one is fake and original sometimes. But, if it breaks, I tell you there’s no way of fixing it again. I have once bought a slipper for 50php along my way to school as it is raining and the streets of manila are getting a little squishy that can deform my leather school shoes. So, I walked with it through the cheap and affordable slipper... but, in a snap it broke its thong. I told myself anyway, “that’s ok, what do you expect from a 50 peso slipper? Doh!” But later that day I realized, hey! I was fooled by that price and that thing? How stupid of me I wasted the 50.00 which is a part of my allowance. There was also this umbrella which my classmates bought for 3 pcs for 100, in the middle of the road during 1 stormy afternoon which flipped over in the middle of the road. Funny, my classmate threw it away and ended up wet along with her bags and books. There is this fake DVD player my grandpa bought that smoked out as if were having a barbeque grill in our living room. A 200php shoe that broke its sole opened wide as if smiling when the sole lost its stick from the shoe itself, the fake jean that is slowly reaping itself apart when worn every day, the watch worth 70php that suddenly stopped the day after it was bought. The pirated calculator that showed different number values after the battery (I think) has been used up. There are so many story, scripts, and jokes with the use of fake stuff and in fact we are aware that what we are buying is a fake. But still we buy it. In my own opinion patronizing fake or pirated stuff is not a good way of investing your cash on, as it is as if tearing the bill apart. Instead, why not be a WISE BUYER and assure the quality and the affordability of the thing that we intend to buy. If it is not that needed and it is on sale, think for a moment if it will be useful for you. Why not download Movies, Videos and Music instead of patronizing fake cd? In buying fake clothes why not go with the un-branded ones that look cool or invest in a good quality jean and shoes that can be so useful for years. Knowing your priorities and setting a goal with savings while intending to buy what is needed only. Do not spend above what you have to avoid ending up hounded in debt. The amount you earn is not what is important, is about how much we SAVE! Be observant, be wise. Think before spending.

Mark Hugh Neri

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