High School Money Makers

We all know that today, we need to become practical in terms of money. We should know how to accumulate and save. Though being a student, there's a way to make profit. Aside from the money we receive from whoever gives our daily allowance, we can make money on our own. Spending our free time through recreational activities and our hobbies is what we enjoy the most. But has it ever come to your mind that you can actually earn from it? There are vast ways on how we can earn.

Here are some suggestions on what business you should try depending on your hobby.

Business Tips for High School Students

Make your own accessories.

Many high school girls enjoy making stuffs like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and etc. Why not make it a real deal? Try selling it to some of your friends. They might even become your own regular customers.

Sell some of your clothes.

Are you into fashion? Why not sell some of your old but still presentable clothes at a reasonable price? In such way, you can get rid of your old clothes and buy yourself new ones.

Books for rent.

Are you a bookworm? Is your house more like a library? Then book for rent is suited for you. You can lend your friends your books at a low price and enough money to buy yourself a book that you like.

There are so many ways on how we can be a good moneymakers without taking too much risk. And as a student, we must be efficient and practical when it comes to money matters because money doesn't just grow out of thin air. But most of all, since you're still a high school student, keeping up with your grades should be your top priority.

This is a guest post by Glyza Jane Neri. Originally posted in The Sentinel, Official Newsletter of AdU-BED, Volume 2. For more ideas like this, read my article - Money Making Ideas for Students.

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