Hither and Tither in Reaching Dreams

It is not uncommon to know that the person you are with sometimes is an undergraduate. At work, on occasion, the employment status is based from the acquired experiences and capabilities proven by the employee from the employment records apart from the educational attainment. We all know that currently continuing to college level in a university in our country is not much affordable for some and though there are many scholarship programmes we can avail, not everyone is aware of it. There developed small college’s public, semi private and private small colleges, vocational schools and short term courses focusing on the main subject of the course only. Some of us worked while studying in one of these, efforts of getting the diploma or certificate while self-supporting ourselves with our modern community some succeeded some did not, some went well some led to failure but there are more that are ongoing… The most famous on the list of successful undergraduates are Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, here is some of the more uncommonly heard of successful achievers who never graduated college. First on the list, Richard Branson of Virgin Mobile, Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airways and other hundreds of company Net worth £3.065 billion. Left out school at the age of 16! At that age, He already set up his first business venture which a magazine was called Student. Currently, Branson is the 4th richest citizen of the United Kingdom, according to the Forbes 2011 list of billionaires, with an estimated net worth of US$4.2 billion In one if his auto biography he wrote from his decision to start an airline: My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them...from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it. Though he is not a good academic performer, he had driven his personal wealth into billions and he still continues to inspire many entrepreneurs. From his taking chances at a young age he have proven that success is always there when you have the guts to go through all the challenges one can ever encounter. Like Richard Branson, we can proceed taking the early steps now that will lead us to the thousand steps of success. Second stop, Michael Dell of Dell Inc. Net worth of $15.9 Billion A Drop Out! He started with his first computer company called PCs Limited, while he was attending college at University of Texas at Austin, who dropped out of school to begin to operate his business. His company later reached its success and was later named Dell, INC, which reported a high number of revenue last year. Currently is a business magnate and author founder and CEO. In his teenage life he started investing his earnings from part time jobs in stocks and precious metals. He have also set up several business ventures while attending Memorial High School in Houston of selling subscriptions to the Houston post in the summer. Then, targeted newlyweds - who are moving into new homes to be the most likely people to buy his subscriptions that resulted to his early effort of earning more than his history and economics teacher at approximately 18,000 that year. This is an example of the water that has pumped out from investing; now, he doesn’t have to work under any employer since he is his own boss. Sean Parker of Facebook Net worth $ 2.1 billion Skip College; Google your education. “When these incredible tools of knowledge and learning are available to the whole world, formal education becomes less and less important. We should expect to see the emergence of a new kind of entrepreneur who has acquired most of their knowledge through self- exploration.” This is true, there are educations about the basic education of learning a language that can be Google-d instead of paying a short term language learning school around. Learning Java, tools for learning anything about computer, enhancing your career, reading and writing is all available in Google. PDF files of books, online magazines, puzzles, trivia, mangas any many many more are already downloadable, why not make use to it? Dustin Muskovitz of Facebook Net worth: $ 3.5 Billion You can always go back He once said; if Facebook hadn’t worked out after he left college to join Mark Zuckerberg, he said, “I could have gone back to Harvard anytime. My friends might not be there anymore. I might have to start over socially. That was a risk. But it was a pretty small risk compared to the opportunity at the time.” I can surely relate myself to this, others may feel the same as well and others exploring a higher advancement in education which is Masteral Studies of a certain field though the old peeps aren’t there it is still the same place anyway, be practical in reaching success. There may be delays in reaching success but we'll all end up at the same point anyway. Phil Ruffin of Treasure Island Casinos Net worth $ 2.4 Billion Look out for no. 1 Ruffin’s last duty as someone else’s employee was to repossess a monkey. He quit and founded a chain of stores, and later, hotels and casinos. “The advice I would give to young people? Quit your job. Don’t work for anybody. You really can’t make any money working for someone else.” This is what I call pumping up. With all his might he made it to success. John Paul DeJoria of Paul Michell Systems; Patron Tequila Net worth $ 4.0 Billion Get Thick-Skinned The Navy vet slept in an ancient Rolls- Royce on Sunset Strip as he slung shampoo door-to-door before making it big with Paul Mitchell. “I learned sales and marketing from knocking on a hundred doors a day. You quickly discover that you’ll get 99 slammed in your face before you make a sale.” Sales business is a tough job; I’ve once experienced selling over the phone and I remember it being so stressful and agitating if at the end of the day you sold nothing because you sounded like a customer care specialist. The courage, the enthusiasm in reaching that rewarding sale is all worth it if achieved. Gotta work it out for it, if you stay on your “comfort zone” you can never know what it takes to get something. One of my favourite quotation is from a friend who always utter “It’s all in the matter of survival”, of where I’ve realized that education is not a hindrance from getting what you want, having a decent job and in achieving success. It’s all about determination to overcome circumstances. In a book that I am currently reading, a lesson learned by the narrator says: if you fail to take the chance at the very moment, you may end up painfully thinking of the "what if's" and "what might have been's" of the opportunities given to you and forever suffer in regret of not taking it.

Mark Hugh Neri

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