How To Create A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Last time I teach you how to start your own blog. What are the basic things you need to have, the tools you need and where to get it. On this article I will teach you to create a self-hosted WordPress blog. The thing with WordPress is you can get a free WordPress site from or you can have your own hosted WordPress blog from and upload it to your hosting, follow the installation instructions and whoala - you now have your own hosted WordPress site. Here's a simple step-by-step instructions on how to create one. 1. Download the files from site. Download it directly here. Note: Always check for the latest stable version when downloading the installation files. 2. Once the download is completed, unzip the files and upload to your webhost. If you don't have a web host yet, you may get one either from Blue Host or Hostgator. Both of them are good web hosting provide. 3. If you have ordered from either of the two suggestions above, you will have a one-click install script for WordPress. If you are using Blue Host, you will have SimpleScripts to be used on your WordPress installation. I am not sure with Hostgator but it will be basically the same thing. First, set the location on where you would like WordPress to be installed. Second, create a user and password using the 'Advanced options'. And last, tick on legal agreement and press Install. 4. If the one-click installation methods are not available from your web hosting, you can follow the famous 5-minute install here. Basically, the it is also the same as the SimpleScripts method but only semi-manual. You just need to indicate the location of the WordPress installation files and then navigate to http://nameofyour_blog/wp-admin/install.php. If your blog is named then you will have to navigate to Please note that you have to create database for your WordPress blog prior to installation. You may find simple steps on creating the WordPress database here. 5. The next step is to create your user credentials. If you have used SimpleScript, it is already done in Step 3. If not, it will be part of the installation using the 5-minute install method. I am sure if you have followed the steps here and the instructions from the links I have given here. If not, please feel free to contact me through the comments section below. Good luck!

Mark Hugh Neri

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