How to Earn 360,000 as a Student

Students often face the problems of not having enough allowance at school. Tuition fees, school projects, school activities and sometimes gimmicks. And while students only rely on their parents for their monthly allowance, some would find their own ways to earn their own income and I am going to share how can a mere student can earn at least 360,000 pesos per year. There are many ways to earn this much money per year including joining a network marketing company. Unfortunately, this kind of business requires much effort and some students will find it difficult to schedule appointments and meetup with their prospect partners. But, there's someone who shared her ways on how she was able to earn at least 1,000 per day or 360,000 per year. Ways to earn 360,000 as a Student An income of 360,000 a year is not a small money. Some full-time employees even earn less and this amount of income is done easily by a mere student.

You may want to try out the different tips below:

1. Be a online private tutor

If you know English well then you may try to be an online English tutor. You can start by offering a rate of 150 pesos per hour so at least 3 hours of tutorial can get 450 pesos. Instead of just wasting time browsing your Facebook or Twitter wall over and over again, why not try to do this instead?

2. Online article writer

Writing a 500-word article can earn you as much as 5 USD or 200 pesos. If you can finish one article per hour, then writing 3 articles can already earn you 600 pesos.

3. Multiply the efforts

If you would combine both being an online private tutor and an article writer, then you can actually earn more than 1000 pesos on a day. If you need to earn more then you might want to writer more articles or extend the tutorial hours per day.

Money Making Ideas for Students

Here comes the Challenges. Being a student and a part-timer at the same time requires more effort than by just being a full-time student. The student who shared these ideas also shared her challenges while doing her part-time job.

1. No social life

There's not much time left for her to go out with friends during the week. Because of this, it's as if she got no more social life.

2. Difficulty in conversing with students

Your clients in being a private tutor needs to learn English because they do not know how to speak English. So, the conversation at first will be really difficult so it would be an advantage if you know the language of your client.

3. Requires initial investment

If you plan to work as an online private tutor or article writer then you will need a computer or laptop and of course an internet connection to do the job. If you already have this, then there's no problem but for those who do not have these yet, then you need to invest on it.

Being a student and a part-timer at the same time can be really difficult especially both requires time and effort. But if you really want to earn additional income and targets to make at least 360,000 pesos per month, then these efforts can be really worth it. I salute these students and these kind of stories should be the one featured in the news to motivate more students to be responsible at a very young age.

These tips are taken from a thread in Pinoy Money Talk Forum

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