How to Earn From Disqus

I just discovered that you can also earn some money if you are using the Disqus comment system. For those of you who don't know what Disqus is, it is a commenting system used commonly in blogging platforms. It provides a discussion service to sites using a networked platform such as WordPress. This blog, Money Gizmo, also use Disqus as its commenting system. The main reason why I used Disqus is that I was bombarded by spammers in the comments when using the default comment system. It works as a plugin and I like its visual style compared to Livefyre. Yes you can earn from Disqus! During the week I checked on my Disqus profile and accidentally clicked on the Analytics menu. I was surprised from what I saw that instead of giving out numbers about comments, it gives you information on Referral Traffic and Revenue. And this feature is also enabled by default for all Disqus community that you will make.

See? I am earning from Disqus comment system

Disqus Discovery

You can earn from Disqus if you have enabled Discovery feature in your comment community. This feature helps Disqus communities to find other Disqus communities.It helps a user to engage more on discussion related to the one he is already commenting with. It also helps you to increase external traffic by giving you related contents from within your Disqus comments.

Setting up Discovery

All new instance of a Disqus community will have Discovery enabled by default. I think there's no reason for you to disable this feature except if you really want your visitors to stay on your site. Anyway, clicking on those external links will open a new tab or window in your browser. If you really want to disable this, then you can do so in the Settings menu under the Discovery tab. You can set if you only want comments, increased internal traffic or increased revenue. Those settings will determine if the discovery window will be shown as part of the comments.

Disqus Discovery

When your visitors click on one of those external links, you will earn from it. The Discovery system follows a CPC (Cost per click) model that advertisers will only pay once visitors click on their links. Payouts are done every quarter and when you have at least $100 revenue. It will be deposited to your PayPal account so make sure that you also have entered a valid account on the PayPal e-mail address settings. Additionally, you can also block domains which you don't want links to be shown in the comment box. If you are seeking for more ways to monetize your site or blog, then I suggest you to try this Disqus Discovery. Let me know if you have tried this system and how much you earn from it. :)

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