How To Earn Money Using Infolinks

Still thinking of ways how to generate income from your high traffic website? Here's a short tutorial about Infolinks and what it can do to add more income to you. Infolinks is an advertising company which enables bloggers, content writers and as well as publisher to have an alternative to banner advertising such as ads given by Google Ads and generate additional source of income from their high traffic websites or blogs based on the platform they provide. Infolinks provide different products you can put on your site such as InSearch, InTag, InText and InFrame. The most popular of all of their products is the InText which when integrated in your website, will convert texts to special links. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how you can start generating income from Infolinks 1. Create an account by visiting this link. Now, you can also use your Facebook credentials when creating your Infolinks account. 2. Once you created your account, log on to your admin panel by clicking on Login > Publisher on their homepage. 3. After you login successfully, you will be brought to the Publishers Center. Here you can check your dashboard and notifications. You can also view your report from a specified date or since the last payout. It also contains the links to different settings such as Integrate, Customize, Account and New. 4. Next step is to add a new website to your account. Click on 'Add New Website' found on the left sidebar. 5. Fill out the required information shown below. 6. Go to Integrate menu and select your website from the list. You will be given a code snippet which you should add before the closing tag on your page. You can also select plugins from the top blogging platforms / content management systems such as Blogger, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Select the plugin option if your website is created from those platforms. 7. Once you put this code or installed the plugin to your website, wait for several minutes and you will see that Infolinks is already integrated with your website. You can also customize the appearance of your links through the Customize menu. How Much People Earn From Infolinks? Some people earns several dollars from Infolinks, from $50 to $100 every month. But based from their FAQs, there is no limit on how much you can earn from them - sky is the limit. What you just need is a high traffic website and the correct way of putting their codes which we discussed above.

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