How To Earn Your First Million

Do you know someone who earned his/her first million at age 26? Most people would think that getting to the million-peso mark would be hard. Some would think that a million peso is something you can only achieve on your dreams. Going back to the question, my answer is YES. I think you already know him because his name and blog has been around for quite some time now in the world of finance. He is the author of the blog which is one of my first resources about learning financial literacy. He is none other than Mr. Tyrone Solee. [panel-image src="" caption="Tyrone Solee earned his first million at the age of 26"] Now, let me share you the things he did in order to attain his first million at an early age and you might be surprised that some are easy to do and some are non-conventional. [impt text="He was able to save 100% of his salary"] for the first five months of his first job. I was jealous when he mentioned that he was earning 20,000 per month on his first job but also surprised me that he was able to save all of it. The secret is he was able to earn from his buy and sell business back in college and from that money he gets his daily expense for the next five months. What he's trying to tell us is not about having business while you are in college but to not spend your extra money in luxury. If you are going to have a raise in the next months, live as if you did not had one. Instead, put that 'extra' in your savings or investment. [panel-image src=""] [impt text="He lives a frugal and proud life."] Though he already had a lot of money during his first few months at work, he did not spend it to buy things he don't need. He mentioned that sometimes he borrows clothes from his father. You can do this do, you can also believe in delayed gratification and live frugal like him.[divider] [impt text="He saves and invest."] Aside from his salary, he was also putting a portion of his money to savings and investment. He mentioned that while most of us thinks that savings should be what is left when you subtracted expenses from income, the formula should be income less savings equals expense.[divider] [impt text="He makes money online."] It is during the last quarter of 2008 when he started his blog Millionaire Acts. It was on the peak of bloggers back when he was earning a 6-digit figure from 15 different sites including his blog. If you know the opportunities, grab it even if its making money online. [divider] Aside from his blog, he mentioned about reading the book - Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a book I also suggest you to read if you want your eyes be opened in the world of financial literacy. To learn more about how he earned his first million and be inspired to achieve your first million, I suggest that you watch the video below. Image from

Mark Hugh Neri

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