How to fund your Abra wallet from Philippines

You already got your Bitcoin wallet? If not, then you can either open a account or install the Abra mobile application.

I am suggesting these two since it's easier for us living in the Philippines to transfer to either of these two providers.

A Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin is bankless. And you need a wallet for that matter. Abra serves as your BTC wallet.

Buying BTCs!

You are technically buying Bitcoins when you transfer fund to your Abra wallet since there's no "peso wallet" like that of .

If you want, you can "trade" BTC-PHP in a sense here - transfer to Abra when BTC is cheap, and withdraw the funds when you reached your target earnings.

Transferring from your bank to Abra

Right now, bank transfers is allowed via Unionbank and BPI only. Bank transfer normally will take you 1-2 business days. To transfer, just follow the steps below:
1. Log-in to your bank's online website
2. Enroll Abra as a biller
3. Pay Abra with your phone number (configured in Abra) as the reference number

And that's it! Just wait for 1-2 days and you'll see the amount credited to your Abra wallet (in Bitcoins!)

Other than banks?

Other than bank transfers, you can also fund your Abra wallet by transferring from another Bitcoin wallet, using American Express card, or via Abra Tellers - some Pawnshops like Tambunting also acts as Abra Tellers.

Note that some of these methods may incur fees as stated in the application.

Mark Hugh Neri

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