How To Get A Police Clearance

To process my new BPI Savings Account application, I have to provide 2 Valid IDs. Unfortunately, that's one of my problem right now since my SSS ID has not yet been delivered to me. The next best thing I can bring is an NBI Clearance and a Police Clearance which is easier to obtain. So here's how you get a Police Clearance 1. Go to the nearest Police Station. Since I obtained my NBI Clearance from the UN NBI office, I just went to the UN Police Station. 2. Ask where they process the Police Clearance and go there. 3. Next is to get a cedula or community tax certificate. I got one there for 10 pesos. 4. Fill-out the clearance form and pay the amount of 20 pesos if you are using the clearance for local employment and 100 pesos if you plan to use it to travel abroad. 5. Go to the fingerprint area and have your forms marked with fingerprints. You will have to pay 5 pesos for the wet tissue. 6. Submit your form. If you need to get it on the same day, you have to pay 50 pesos. Might be a 'rush' fee. 7. Wait in line for the photo. You will pay 10 pesos for this one. 8. Lastly, another thumbark for your clearance. You will pay again 5 pesos for the wet tissue. In total, I have spent 100 pesos and waited at least an hour to get my Police Clearance. Hope this helps for all the people needing to secure a Police Clearance.

Mark Hugh Neri

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