How to Get An NBI Clearance

I've been busy working on my pre-employment requirements for another company I will be working with. One main requirement of the pre-employment is the NBI Clearance. Employers would like to verify if you have a current case under investigation. So, how do we get an NBI Clearance? I was able to get an NBI Clearance last November 2010 and just recently and there's no difference in the process. I was able to get my very first NBI Clearance from the NBI Clearance Center at Ever Gotesco Grand Central Mall but because the mall was already burned to ashes, the center is now closed. My girlfriend told me that you can now process your NBI Clearance at their office located along U.N. Avenue, so I went there to apply for my new clearance since the old one's already expired. First, you have to get your form. Fill-out everything applicable to you. You also need to know your height and weight because it is needed. My tip is to bring along a pen with you but do not worry if you haven't because there are a LOT of vendors selling pen. You also need to bring at least one valid ID. In my case, they have accepted my birth certificate. Next is to have your form verified. They will check if the information you have written is okay and if you have missed some important information. You will have the chance to correct if you have missed out something. Next is payment. You will pay 115 pesos for the clearance. After payment, next is encoding. I guess the line here is the longest one. Fear not if you are a woman/girl because you have a separate line which is a bit shorter. What they do here is they input the information in you form to their system. You will be asked to verify if the have entered it correctly - since they have 2 monitors each encoder (one facing you). After encoding, you will then proceed to biometrics section where they will take your fingerprints and a photo of you taken. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can already proceed to releasing if you don't have a 'hit' A hit means your name is similar to someone who might be under investigation. I am one of the 'unlucky' ones so I have mine to be released two weeks after. If you are one of the unlucky ones: If you are one of those who did not get their NBI clearance the same day they apply, a date will be written at the back of your receipt stating when you can get your clearance. Now, there are the ones who are double-unlucky because they can't get their clearance until they have undergone Quality Control. Today, one of the NBI personnel has mistaken me for a Walter Neri. She had instructed me to proceed to quality control when in fact I am not the person. This personnel named C.Calicaran really needs to see an ophthalmologist to have her eyes checked. She just had my precious time wasted waiting on the Quality Control queue. My TIP for everyone who had 'hit' getting their clearances, have the NBI personnel double-checked it or at least asked if why they have considered a 'hit'. It will save your time and money getting this most-coveted NBI clearance.

Mark Hugh Neri

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