Educate Yourself For Free. How To Get Education For Free!

One of the most expensive commodities nowadays is Education. After eight years, my tuition fee back then already doubled. And even though I have a scholarship during those times, it still difficult for me and my parents to pay for it. Today, the trend continues and schools and universities raises tuition fees higher and higher. I felt sad about it because education is one of the most important thing in life. It can get you to wherever you want to go or whatever you want to do. Education might not give you success someday but it can give you the jump start ahead of others.The same goes for financial education. There are several groups that offers seminars, conference, books and other resources for a certain amount of fee. Though they offer early bird discount, the fees are expensive. But we can't blame them since it is their 'business' and wanted to earn profits from it. But, what if you can get education for free? Yes, it is possible. I myself can attest that learning about personal finance and investing can be done for free. What you have to do is to search personal finance blogs and web sites using the Internet. Personal blogs are my favorites since they are based from experiences of the writers. There are also finance websites where you can start learning such as Investopedia ( Learn From Forums You can also check on Forums where you can find a lot Edit the templates of forum threads and posts about the subject you want to learn. Forum threads are conversation-like articles where one can ask something for others to answer. You can also find debate-like threads where forum posters posts their own opinion about the subject of the thread. You can learn a lot from forums since you don't see a single point of view about a certain subject. Learn From YouTube One of the most popular websites today is YouTube. Aside from entertainment, do you know that you can also learn a lot from YouTube videos? Visual learning is one of the most effective ways of teaching people is by showing them visual aids such as pictures, diagrams and videos. So, watching How-To's and tutorials in YouTube is a very effective method of learning and it is also free. From Free E-books Aside from websites, blogs, forums and YouTube, you can also try one of the classic ways of learning - books. But not your ordinary books, you can download free ebooks from the internet about the certain subject you wish to learn. Since you want to learn for free, you cannot always get books with the best quality and often you can get 'trial' or preview versions only. But still, it is one good way to learn for free. Learn, then apply it What's the use of learning all of these things when you won't apply it. Consume your time by learning everything you can as fast as you can. And after you get the basic knowledge, apply and do some action based on what you learn because nothing beats experience as the best teacher - and it's also free!

Mark Hugh Neri

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