How to Make Money with a Blog

It is almost a year since I started Money Gizmo (formerly Pera Atbp). And since then, it is slowly building traffic and earnings as well. There are a lot of blogs out there. Some are personal, some would like to discuss their opinions, some would answer your questions and some would be a guide - just like this one. Regardless of the blogs you are reading and subscribed to, there are people who are making money out of their blogs. How do people make money with a blog? How much people can earn from this online source of passive income? I have listed here a few options you can try in order for you to earn money and (possibly) retire from your day job. Ways on how to make money with a blog I have personally used some of the items below and details written are based from my own experience. 1. Google Adsense. It is by far the most common of all the online advertising platform. What you need to do is apply for a Google Adsense account and start posting their codes to the appropriate locations. You need to be very aware of their Terms of Service since Google is one of the strictest on this kind of monetization. 2. Infolinks. Instead of posting graphic ads, Infolinks convert your keywords to links that will forward you to their partner websites. Just apply with an Infolinks account and once you are activated, you just need to embed your codes to your blog. 3. Nuffnang. It is likely to be a country-specific Google Adsense. Same with Adsense and Infolinks with embedding their codes. 4. Chitika. Chitika is another on-line advertising company although I still cannot appreciate this platform. I am suggesting you to try this one since I have visited a lot of blog using this. 5. Churp Churp. I have posted here on How to earn by just sharing using Churp Churp. You may post the links in your highly-visited blog and take advantage of this as well. 6. Paid Ad Space. You can also sell ad space in your blog. You may set different fees according to the location and the size of the space. Some would format their ad space using the standard sizes so they can easily replace with other ads when the ad-space expires. 7. Paid Posting. Some blogs are personal that they do not allow paid posting but some are not. Some people with thousands of daily visitors can benefit from them. They will be paid usually by companies who are advertising some new product if they will post something about it - can be review or just plain advertisement. 8. Affiliate Marketing. It is like Paid Ad Space but the system is more automatic. You can check out Amazon affiliate marketing for this one. Regardless of the way you want to earn from your blog, what matters is the traffic from your visitors whether from search engines, e-mails or subscriptions. Without your visitors, there will be no one clicking on those ads and links leaving your site like a cactus in the desert. So, before you want to really earn from blogging, make sure than at least you have a hundred daily visitors.

Mark Hugh Neri

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