How to Measure Your Website's Traffic?

So you have decided to put up a website or blog to create a passive income from money-making ideas using the Internet. You have purchased your own domain, you have setup your self-hosted WordPress blog and have created several posts as a start. But it doesn't end there. You must have a way of identifying if you are making progress. One way of checking if your site can already be monetized is by measuring the amount of visitor it receives. So, how do you measure your website's traffic? You don't monetize your site right away Most bloggers put up ads the first day their site is online.

However, if you don't have enough visitors per day, then what's the point of displaying those ads. I think what you should focus about first is how you can drive people to your site. As an Internet marketer you should be at least familiar with the basic search engine optimization techniques - the on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to the techniques that you should apply on your web pages. It includes techniques such as including key words or phrases in your TITLE tag, putting up alternate text in images, considering the anchor texts for links and of course, writing quality content. On the otherhand, off-page SEO refers to techniques that you cannot perform on your web pages. These are techniques such as link-building, social-media promotions and social-bookmarking among others. Once you have done right SEO techniques on your blog and already receiving more visits than before, then you can start monetizing your blog and reap the fruits of your labor.

Setting a Target. How much you would like to earn?

The next thing that you should do is set a target. How much do you really want to earn from online advertising through your blogs? Do you want to earn a passive income that can replace your salary per month? Or you just blog and create websites out of hobby. The choice will be always yours. But, let's say I wanted to earn at least $1 a day or roughly $30 per month. Then, I will be needing at least 5000 page views. How did I know? Let's find out a simple formula. Every month I usually check the average CPC and CTR of my site and based on that values I set an amount to target then it fives me how much page views should I have in order to achieve that target. Let's say my target is $5 / day and my average CPC is $0.1 and my average CTR is 1%. If I need to achieve 5 dollars with 0.1 dollar each click then I need to have at least 50 clicks for that. Finally, if a CTR is currently averaging at 1% then I need at least 5000 page views per day.

But, how would you know?

And the challenge is - how will you know if you are already hitting your target of 5000 page views? Here are three of different quantification platforms in the world. Remember that the tools that can help you measure the amount of traffic your site is getting cannot be limited to these three.

Google Analytics. By default, bloggers would opt for this tool. Google Analytics is a free service from Google that you can use to analyze your site's traffic and audience profiles. It can give you information such as how much visitors you are getting, how may page views does each visitor have, from what countries or region they come from and even the device they use when they visit your site.

Do you use Google Analytics in your website?

To use Google Analytics, go to and then sign-in or create an account. If you already have an existing Adsense or any Google account, you can use that. I suggest that you use the same account with your Google Webmasters Tool account since these two can integrate a feature one to another. You will then add your domain and a code snippet will be generated. Copy this code snippet to your site's header before the closing HEAD tag or on the footer before the closing BODY tag.

Quantcast Measurement. Quantcast is a web analytics company that provides a free measurement service that gives real-time demographic to potential advertisers for your site. As an internet marketer, you might want to check this out since this analytics service can be delivered for free to your potential partners. Similar with Google Analytics, it gives the amount of visitors and the number of page views on a daily basis.

In addition to the said metrics, they also provide demographics which can be used to identify the kind of readers or visitors your site have. It can help your potential advertisers make a decision if your site is the best place to advertise their product. To use Quantcast Measurement, you have to add a profile for your domain and then generate a code snippet which you will insert to your site's HTML code similar with Google Analytics. The location can either be in the header or the footer section of your site.

Piwik Open Source Analytics. One of my favorite analytics software is Piwik - an open-source analytics software made by the Piwik Team. It is founded by Matthieu Aubry who is software engineer based on New Zealand. What I like about Piwik is that the analytics data is kept on your own host. You can be assured that the data tracked by the software can only be viewed by people to whom you give access.

Personally, I am using Piwik to keep track of this site's traffic and at the same time verify data from Google Analytics and Quantcast Measurement service. Another feature of Piwik is the auto-generation and auto-email of the report. The views and almost everything in Piwik is highly customizable and since this is open-source, you can play with the code and modify it to your liking. It is also active and development and the updates can deployed automatically. Check out all the features of Piwik Analytics and see for yourself.

So, there you go, the three out of several analytics software both hosted and non-hosted. It's up to you whether you want to use one or all of them to help you monitor and measure your website's traffic. Having the knowledge about the readership and the profile of your visitors can help you deliver the right content and information and as well as help your potential advertisers determine if they can leverage your site to market their product.

Mark Hugh Neri

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