How To Protect Your Most Important Asset - Yourself

Assets in simple terms are things that is of high value. Physically, we refer to those body parts which is visually appealing to the eyes as assets. In financial terms, we say that assets are those things that put money in our pocket. What is your top asset? Investors have different kinds of assets. Some would have bank savings accounts, time deposits, treasury bonds, mutual funds, unit investment trust fund and other paper assets while some would have businesses and real estate, others have golds and diamonds. These are often listed and categorized according to their risks and how much income they generate or any losses each has incurred investors would have their best asset which generates the biggest amount of income and least losses. But what really is your best and greatest asset? Your best asset is you You are your first and best asset. without you, your other assets such as those stated above will be nothing. And since you protect and carefully manage your paper assets, businesses and real estate, you deserve to be protected too. Here are some tips you can do in order for you to protect your best asset. 1. Eat healthy. One of our basic necessity is food. You should be aware of what you eat and you should take a lot of healthy food, plenty of water and vitamins and exercise daily. 2. Sleep regularly. Do you know that lack of sleep kills a lot of brain cells? Since you need your brain to move and think properly, you should have at least 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. 3. Meditate. I just found out some ways of meditation. This is by listening to a subliminal music. I am yet to discover the benefits of meditation but for a start, it helps me to have a good night sleep. There are other ways of meditate one of which is by simply going to a room by yourself, close your eyes and breathe slowly. 4. Have fun. Work and just work would make you dull and boring. Do you have a hobby or do you play sports? Do these extra curricular activities outside of work during the weekends and you will be surprised how rejuvenated you are when work comes again by Monday. 5. Talk to a friend or family. People are social-beings. We wanted to interact and communicate with other people. If you are feeling down or depressed or even not, talk to a friend or a family member. It will help lessen your stress and can strengthen relationships too. 6. Get a medical checkup. We don't notice illness until it's already critical so have a regular physical checkup at least once a year. This way, we can say that we are healthy technically. 7. Do not stop learning. Learning is a never ending process. It doesn't stop at school or when you graduated from college. Don't stop learning new things - things that might interest you or not will definitely be a brain food. 8. Insure yourself. Why do people have insurance for their home and cars but won't bother insuring themselves? Funny isn't it? Though you are not the one who will benefit from it, having an insurance for yourself will give more confidence that whenever your time has come to an end, you will have something to leave for your love ones. 9. Build your emergency fund. Sometimes not-so-good things happen but when you are prepared even for the worst-case scenario, it lessens the burden and the worries. Before you start investing in high-risk financial vehicles, build first your emergency fund. When time comes you need money, say, for a sudden illness that requires confinement, then you won't be needing to withdraw your earnings from stocks and other. 10. Save and invest. Last but not the least, save and invest as early as possible. Save before you invest. Invest so that you will have money you can use when you retire. You are your most important asset. Not your stocks portfolio or a handful of mutual fund accounts. Not your several condominium units or a residential houses. Time to protect your very own self so that you can enjoy the benefits of your other assets.

Mark Hugh Neri

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