How To Save On Education Expenses

It's the end of semester once again. Time for the final exams, projects, and thesis defense. After all these will be another semester. If you are not yet a graduating student, in a week or two you will be enrolling for the next semester of this school year. Some other schools even have pre-enlistment weeks before the final exams. So, what does it mean for most of us? One word - tuition fee. Of course you cannot enroll when you don't have money unless you are a scholar of the Univesity or a Foundation. Accept the truth but most of us are Scholars of our Parents. The truth is in most of families, one of the biggest expense in the household is education expenses. During my stay in college 6 years ago, my tuition fee is around PhP 18,000 to 21,000 per semester. Right now, when you enroll in the same course in the same University you have to have at least PhP 30,000 per semester. Most of the students today are dependent to their parents when in comes to schooling. As a student, you know you can do something to lighten up the burden on your family especially in today's time. Here's what you can do to save on your education expenses. Apply for a scholarship. There are a lot of scholarships from schools and foundations. All you need is to try. Look for a part-time job. You can do on-line jobs such as blogging, affiliate marketing, encoding, etc. Earn money through part-time business. You can buy and sell. Sell papers and school supplies to your classmates. Avoid buying expensive and unnecessary school supplies. Don't buy if it's still usable. Recycle your papers. Use the back of your photocopied papers. Bring your own lunch. It's cheaper than the food in your canteen. Drink water instead of juice or softdrinks. Water is good for the body and is cheaper. Walk if the destination is near. It's a way of exercise too. Limit hangouts with friends. Hangout means expenses. Minimize it. Pass all your subjects. Failing means repeating. Repeating means paying again. Minimize expenses on school projects. Look for alternatives. Use recycled materials if possible. Determine if renting a house/room near the school is cheaper than commuting everyday. Learn how to prioritize expenses. Do you really need that cellphone load? How about getting a prepaid internet connection instead? Learn to create your budget. If you are getting a weekly or monthly allowance, list the expenses and avoid over spending. Create your own savings. Contribute this money to your parents for the next enrollment. How about you? What would be your suggestion so I can add it to the list above. Thanks!

Mark Hugh Neri

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