How To Start Your Own Blog

So you have decided to create your own blog. Blog is short for web-log which is basically a writing of your thoughts, opinion or just anything you want to write about. Although the internet is public, you can have your blog in private-mode so that only you or a select few can read it. So, how do you start your own blog? I started blogging last May of 2009 out of curiosity. My first blog is created with LiveJournal and with a quick Google search , saw that it is still up until now. Then, at some time I did transferred to Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. Way back then, my reason for starting a blog was just to share what's happening with my life, some opinions and tutorials as well. I just blogged anything that comes to my mind that I think was worth blogging though most often I just blog some random things. Some people create blogs with a plan to monetize it someday and make a living out of it. Whatever your reason may be, you might want to know how to start your own blog. How to Start Your Own Blog 1. First, name your blog. Choose whether you want to have your own domain name such as or not. One advantage of having your own domain name is that you will establish your identity in the internet and would make your blog more descriptive but the drawback is it would cost you several dollars. Another option is to register with Blogger or - two of the widely used blog publishing service. But the thing is, you will have only a subdomain such as or I personally suggest using WordPress because it offers more flexibility and there's a lot of features created for WordPress. 2. Once you have decided on the name of your blog, whether it is free or not, you have to design your blog. You want to make your readers returning to your blog for more, right? Then, you must select a theme or design that bests defines your blog. It may look artistic, funny or professional depending on your niche or if its a personal blog, the design that best describes you. 3. Write. Of course! It would not be a blog without the posts or articles. May it be personal experience, opinion, random stuff or tutorial like this one. Some people would blog regularly while some seldom update theirs. These 3 basic steps are what you need to start blogging. Name your blog by choosing your domain, decide on the look and feel of your blog and write some cool stuff! Next time, I will be teaching you how to create a self-hosted WordPress site just like this one. :)

Mark Hugh Neri

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