How To Survive College. Financially.

Having trouble paying college tuition fees? Are you worried that you will not finish college in time? Well, that's normal. I considered attending college as a luxury especially in a third world country like the Philippines. Personally I also experienced the struggle of college years. Payment for tuition fees, project expenses and daily allowances. There are also sometime that you need to process a promisory letter so that you can take your major exams. Sometimes you need to skip meal so that you will have money to pay for the project. Here are some of my personal tips that can help you survive college. 1. Apply for scholarship. My scholarship was really unexpected. I just accidentally saw a guideline on my student handbook about scholarship offers on my school and its requirements. And so from there, I was able to get it during 2nd semester of my first year in college. There are many scholarships out there. What I suggest here especially to those who are still in high school is to keep your grades as high as possible because your report card is one of the primary requirements in getting a scholarship. 2. Maintain your scholarship. Most scholarships do not cover all your fees from first year until the time of your graduation. Keep your grades to your scholarship's maintaining grades or even better. 3. Student meals. What I like about going to school is the existence of student value meals. Instead of buying the regular meals, choose the discounted student meals. 4. Student discounts. Aside from food, there also various discounts you can enjoy if you are a student. Take the public transportation student discount, it gives you 20% discount off the regular fare when you wear your school uniform or ID card. So before buying, look for student discounts. 5. Use old books. Every year you buy your school supplies and this includes a new set of books. However, there are students from the higher year that may dispose there old books or might sell cheaper. Buy, rent or borrow those instead of buying new set. You can save a significant amount of money which you can add to your tuition fee budget instead. 6. Recycle used school supplies. Similar with books, you can also recycle old but unused notebooks and other school materials. You can even combine blank sheets to create your notebook. you just need to be creative. 7. Sell your skills. If you know a particular skill that you may sell for a price, then do it. During my college days, I was able to sell some program and codes for some cash. 8. Say no to some party invitation. It might sound boring but ask yourself what is the main reason why you go to college? If you don't have money to spend or it will make you spend your allowance for the week, then you better not go. 9. Commute or rent near school? Before deciding on renting an apartment or dormitory, weigh first if it will be more beneficial to you. Consider balancing between time and money and also, access to the things you need. 10. Graduate on time. Tuition fees increase almost every year. during the last 8 years it already doubled. If your course is designed for four years, then finish it in 4 years. Your expense in repeating subjects is better in spending somewhere else. I was grateful that I was able to finish my course on time because of my family and by following these simple tips. I hope it will help you too. Good luck! Image credits:

Mark Hugh Neri

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