How to walk in high heels: The girl's guide to everything.

This is actually a book sent from a foreign country that I have borrowed from a friend for me to read for some time and the title really attracted me. I've read this for about 3 years ago and it taught me guides and ideas about: 1. Being stylish in your own way, by being knowledgeable with pairing your shoes with your clothes, the occasion you will go into, the type of people you will meet up with, the place setting and many more when it comes to style. Freshening up yourself, accessorizing, knowing the type of wine to drink that fits your taste at the same time poised, learned how to fix my hear during a bad hair day and wearing a hat. 2. This book introduced Manolo Blahnik's creation appreciation: appreciating each shoe type, its uses and the types of each. "a girls shoe is not just a shoe". 3. How to be groomed like a lady during different circumstances. Most importantly, having the perfect vision, and dealing in a professional girly way during an unpleasant situation. 4. Improving your social abilities in different aspects. Enhancing your “techy” side and your career. 5. Being wise in managing life, home and travels etc. Being ready at speed, but you wish to be still chick and girly all over? Read the ultimate guide for being a woman walking in high heels, it’s a good book to read every now and then. Available in E-book downloads. Written by Vamilla Morton

Mark Hugh Neri

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