HSBC Starbucks Rewards Promo

The HSBC Starbucks partnership is back. Keep using your HSBC credit card from Mar22-May30, 2012 and for a single chargeslip of P2500, you can redeem a tall handcrafted beverage from Starbucks for only 250 Bonus Points. Redemption is from Apr1-Jul31, 2012. Hurry! Redeem directly from any Starbucks branch. Terms and conditions apply. Per DTI NCR Permit No. 1893. Series of 2012. Transactions must be made on March 22 to May 30, 2012 only. Cardholders may redeem from April 1 to July 31, 2012. Cardholders can redeem up to a maximum of twenty (20) Starbucks products for the duration of the Promo and Redemption Period. Only one (1) charge slip issued by a particular merchant on a given day can be used to redeem the Starbucks product. All foreign currency and casino transactions will not be honored for redemption. Faded charge slips will not be honored for redemption. Only Bonus Points earned from your new spend is eligible for a Starbucks beverage. Existing Bonus Points may not be used for redemption. Source: HSBC Website

Mark Hugh Neri

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