I Participated in an ICO

All the buzz and hype around cryptocurrencies I'd say that we are taken back to the time when the Internet is just being born and there's a lot of companies starting their own dotcom businesses.

90s all over again

Companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon really did made some fortune out of that 90s era and most likely some investors who believe in them too.

Fast forward to 2018, different companies are now developing around the "blockchain technology". Industries such as the financial industry is being disrupted by the likes of Bitcoin and other currencies.

The good thing is that we can participate in another exciting stage and that is today!

Initial Coin Offering

If you are into stock trading, you might already be familiar with the term IPO or Initial Public Offering. IPOs are events when a company decides that they want to sell stocks / shares to the public.

In cryptocurrency world, there's the ICO - Initial Coin Offering. Very similar to IPO, but instead of shares, you'll have a certain number of coins or tokens in exchange of the amount of money you invest in.


One company that I'm looking at (and have already invested in) is LoyalCoin. The company aims to aggregate the "rewards system" among different companies - examples are Happy Plus, 7-11 rewards, SM Advantage, Mabuhay Miles, etc.

In the future, you can buy groceries, earn some LYL coins and probably spend the LYL to eat lunch somewhere else.

Aside from that, it is a Filipino-led company and to this date has a great team, partners and a promising road map. To learn more about what solutions they will offer and the timeline of implementation, you should read their Whitepaper here

How to Participate

  1. Get a NEM wallet
  2. Register at LoyalCoin's website
  3. Login to your account and navigate to your dashboard
  4. Deposit the minimum amount required to any of the addresses - you can send either XEM, BTC or ETH
  5. Wait for a few hours to have them credit your LYL on your account

*Feel free to contact support if your LYL is not yet credited after 24 hours. Their support is very good and replies really quick.

What's Next?

Just wait. Give the project a minimum of 2 years. Development and adoption takes some time. Even Google takes several years before it became really big.

The most important thing is - you should first believe in the project and the team behind it. You can also help them by promoting it to other people as well.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advise. Always do your personal research before taking part in any investment.

Campaign: For LoyalCoin campaign's purpose: Bitcointalk profile link

Mark Hugh Neri

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