Internet: Just Enjoying It

It was long before that the Intranet was first initiated by the US Defense to know what’s Russia’s been buzzing about. The rivalry resulted into a major advancement explosion of electronics making it sociable, usable, reliable, trending etc. which scopes mostly of our daily routines and our lives itself. What would the world be without the Internet? Yet most of us disregard the most useful tool that it can be, Information. It’s not such a bum habit to sit around in front of your PC to get some tidbits of information, updates that could make you more of a person. Well, most of people make money using it, find friends, and find lovers, all our life is in it. The internet is an endless library of Information. It updates and gets loaded up every day so why not make the best of it? Although, there’s also lots of trash in the internet, let’s not forget that you are the one who chooses what to digest. Let me share you what I enjoy most in the internet. 1. Freebies! Most of the freebies that I get are discount coupons and other memberships but the most that I like are books! I usually download pdf files of expensive books that I can buy at the books store. Believe me it’s the same story, just in pdf format. I just search and download the books that I like, just like downloading movies, songs and many more. 2.Information. When I want to know about something, anything from simple matters to complex issues, I get it from there. It’s so fun to know that with just clicks and a little tap of keyboard, walah! Your search is there. Served hot and fresh information. 3. Money and Business. With all the connections and people cramming in to these virtual networks, you can sell and buy items without paying taxes and stall etc. Somehow, with the booming emarket trend, new portals of gaining money are now available with words and clicks. 4. Work. Internet also comes in when you need a work. Some have already established and earned their paychecks at home through internet. It’s not much of a boring stuff as long as you want what you are doing. 5. Friends and updates. Getting in touch? Making friends? Even flirting, can be done on this virtual paradise. Getting updates with your friends, setting the trend is yet the mostly what people do here. Even my mom does (at her age? Yeah!) It’s a social cobweb that been built by millions of users continually connecting and relating to each other. There’s so much more that you are using and can discover using the internet but what’s important is we are responsible for the words, and thoughts that come from us. Let me remind you that, you are still not exempted from Libel and other crimes if you abuse the power of the Internet. Just enjoy, use it for betterment and remember, you are still a thinking and sociable being.

Mark Hugh Neri

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