Intro To Search Engine Optimization

You opened a new business and you are aware that online marketing will drive more sales to your company. You created a website and a blog but there's a big problem - NO one is visiting your website or blog. People have this misconception about online marketing. They think that after they put up their website, it will automatically be visited. They think that for as long as people are searching for words that their page has it will be shown on the first page of results. [impt text="Unfortunately, they are WRONG"] Businesses who opt to create online presence must be aware of what we call Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is a set of techniques applied to a single web page or the whole website to increase the possibility of appearing at the first 10 items of the search results.[divider] [impt text="Why do we need to learn Search Engine Optimization?"] People do not know your website by default unless you personally tell them or you use other forms of media and advertisement. Internet users use popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing to search for products and services or to get answers to their questions. If someone is looking for the best pet shop, you might want to be on the top of the search results if your business is a pet shop.[divider] [impt text="Traffic is Sales. Sales is Money."] You created an online presence because you wanted people to be aware of your products and services.If people are aware of your company, there will be a chance to sell to them and a successful sales will mean income to your business. More traffic driven to your website means more money to your business. [panel-image src=""] How to optimize your website for search engines? Before I disclose some of the SEO TIPS that I know, you should be aware that you still have to focus on the value and usefulness of your site. The SEO techniques should only guide to enhance your site so that you will drive more relevant visitors to your website. [impt text="1. Use title tags."] Your title tag should describe what your web page contains. Do not use a single title for all your web page like the name of your company though you can append it to the title. Ex. 'Best Pet Shops - Pet Masters Online'.[divider] [impt text="2. Use header tags."] The h1, h2, h3 and h4 tags are used to indicate portions of a single page. They are often use to indicate sub headings and sub categories. You should put keywords to header tags for better search engine optimization.[divider] [impt text="3. Simplify navigation."] Web crawlers or the one search engine companies use to 'scan' your website also needs to navigate your site so it can scrape all information from your website properly. You should simplify navigation so that these web crawlers can index your site easier.[divider] [impt text="4.Use a sitemap."] As an alternative to number 3, you can create and submit a sitemap which is a map of all the content of your site. To see a sample sitemap, you can check Money Gizmo's sitemap here.[divider] [impt text="5. Use ALT in images."] Search engine web crawlers cannot read pictures and images in your website so they use the alt property of images. If there's a picture of your dog in your web page and you are online marketing a pet shop then you can put something like 'great pets like dogs' in the alt property of the image.[divider] [impt text="6. Make web pages load faster."] Web crawlers like people do not want waiting for a single page to load. If your page takes more than 10 seconds before someone can view, then you should think of ways to lessen the load time of it. Probably you can re-size some pictures or remove unnecessary elements from the page.[divider] [impt text="7. Do a keyword research."] People uses keywords or key phrases when searching for something. If you know which key words or phrases people use to search something that you are marketing then you can get ahead of your competitors. Research for the right key words and put those keywords in your main content. [panel-image src=""] [impt text="8. Have lots of other related websites link to you."] Aside from in-page / in-site search engine optimization, you can also make use of off-page optimizations such as link building. When you have more relevant sites linking to your web page or website, then you will have a better ranking in the search results.[divider] [impt text="9. Submit your site to web directories."] Submitting your web site to an online directory such as DMOZ will help increase your traffic. Aside from link building, people who is searching in your category will see your web site listed in the directories.[divider] [impt text="10. Update regularly with fresh content."] You should regularly update your content in your website. In a business website, a weblog can help increase traffic and make you rank higher in the search results.[divider] I will share these different search engine optimization techniques in detail on the suceeding articles soon. For now, you should be aware that SEO is important when you want to create online presence.

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