Introducing the New COL Financial Website

We would like to invite you to try the Beta version of the new COL Financial website with a host of new and more powerful online features to further enhance your online investing experience. Log on to with the same account information. You can find out more about each of the new features through our attached guide. For now, please use Google Chrome as your web browser to view the new site and we will advise you once it is set up for the other web browsers. Important Disclosure: Please be advised that accounts that track an EIP Portfolio will have total shares consolidated in your Portfolio page in the Beta site. Should you wish to enter EIP orders or see both portfolios separately, please log on to the current website at or which will remain active until the end of June 2012. Given the Beta test period, please note that there may be some links in the homepage that are still under development and may redirect you to our current website. All these will be completed as soon as we come to formally shift to the new COL Financial website by July 1, 2012. Thus we encourage you to get acquainted with the new website and some of the ongoing changes. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at (02) 6-515-888 and (02) 6-333-777 or email us at If you wish to report any problems please send our helpdesk an email with the subject header 'COL-Beta' along with your comments. Thank you very much. Very truly yours, JUAN G. BARREDO VP - Head of Sales & Customer Support COL Financial Group, Inc

Mark Hugh Neri

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