Investing in Knowledge

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" - Benjamin Franklin. I just saw it on my facebook wall this morning and shared to my wall and no one can disagree on this thought. A lot of us is investing in stocks, mutual funds, UITFs and businesses but without knowledge on these, your investments can either fall or won't earn the maximum profit. It's like going to a battle without a gun or a sword. This thought captures me because these past few days I have been on a buying spree of knowledge investments. Let me enumerate what I bought during the last two weeks. Entrepreneur Magazine March 2010 issue - 'The COLLEZIONE C2 story 2.4M shirts sold and counting' Entrepreneur Magazine May 2010 issue -'Multiply Nation' Entrepreneur Magazine September 2011 issue - 'FOOD: The top 10 trends' Entrepreneur Magazine April 2012 issue - 'What you need to know about REAL ESTATE' Corporate Blogging for Dummies The 25 Most Dangerous Sales Myths During my college days I am very fond of buying computer-related magazines. I've been buying PC Mag to learn the latest news about IT and have knowledge on it first-hand. And since I am now on my journey on financial freedom, these Entrepreneur magazines can help me achieve this goal. I can get a lot of financial and business tips as well as inspirational stories of different businesses. Most of the magazines I bought are back-issues but most of the content still applies today. I also bought the 'Corporate Blogging for Dummies'. Though I am not a corporate blogger as this blog is a personal blog, I can still apply the tips from this book such as the Search Engine Optimization - how to optimize the website so that major search engines can crawl it and put it on the first page of keyword-related results if not on the top suggestion, suggested widgets for WordPress since I am using WordPress as my blogging platform, analyzing web statistics using Google Analytics - to define what readers I have and to improve targetting, and a lot more of blogging. And last, the 'Top 25 Most Dangerous Sales Myths'. I am not a sales person but since I have a t-shirt printing business together with my sister and we are selling a product, I guess it would be better if we have knowledge on what to do or not to do when selling to our customers. This book tells a lot about what was believed as the best practices of selling but happens to be not. I know I have a lot to learn and I won't stop buying such reading materials as long as there's Booksale and Filbars. :p

Mark Hugh Neri

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