Money Gizmo's Investment Performance for January 2013

To further inspire everyone who's reading our articles here at Money Gizmo, I would like to share my own investment performances. Please note that all the investment performances below are from my own personal investments and does not necessarily reflect the performance in general of the specific investment. [panel-image src=""] [impt text="Mutual Funds (Sun Life Equity Mutual Funds)"] I started investing in mutual funds last September 2011. Since then, there are some ups and downs as it is an equity mutual fund. Fortunately the stock market performance is very good since the last quarter of last year and because of this my mutual fund investment is up by 30.15%.[divider] [impt text="Stocks Investment (Stock Broker:"] I also started investing in stocks though it is only a small portion of my overall investment. It is also up by 27.60% due to the great performance of the stock market. I have also earned a little amount from the dividends the company from which I bought the stocks gave.[divider] [impt text="Online assets"] I am counting my online assets as part of my investments. This includes my domain names, websites and blogs. I am still a beginner in this area but the earnings is slowly growing as the readership of this blog is slowly growing as well.[divider] I have also an insurance with investment, known as VUL, and so far it has good earnings as well. My target for the next quarter is first, eliminate all my debts and then continue my monthly investing and start adding some more to my stocks investment. Until the next quarter, happy investing everyone! Image from

Mark Hugh Neri

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