Investment: Pump it up!

Thinking where the saved funds allotted for investment can be brought to after the goal amount has been reached? Are there doubts in your heart with investing into something for more profit. Let me relay a simple short story that is convincing in making an investment: In a person’s life, working is as if fetching water (representing the pay that we earn) from a deep well (representing the establishment we work for) with a use of your pail (your knowledge). Under the very hot sun, every day we walk through the path going to the deep well, dragging with our empty pail. Once there, we set the pulley down to the bottom where we begin to fetch the water, and pulling it up with all our force then, we untie the pail from the pulley and start walking home again. Carrying makes our arms stiff and our knees flimsy. Feeling weak with every step, we begin to drink the water in the pail little by little to relieve the tiresome walk carrying it under the hot sun. Whew! A sigh for relief, upon reaching home, you noticed that the pail barely have anything left. And go back again to the deep well under the same old hot sun. You threw the pail in the deep well with the help of a pulley, fetch a pail full of water with all your remaining strength, untie the pail and walk home again drinking the fetched water along the way and noticing the same every time you get home. The next day, you did the same thing again and yet halfway on your way home you noticed a WATER PUMP! Thinking for a moment… You have two thought of empowering half of the remaining water in your pail for the pump to work and produce more water easily and as many as you can. Analyzing yourself, if you go fetching water every day from the deep well, you lost almost ¾ of the water fetched. And compared to fetching water from this pump, you only have to walk half from the usual path taken every day. And efforts will not be as hard from the usual ritual done. But, by the water poured, you will lose the chance of having the remaining liquid in your pail and go back to the well and pull then walk to home again. Voila! At that very moment, without any hesitation, with all your confidence blooming, you started pouring water at the mouth of the pump then began moving the lever up and down again and again and again, with all your energy until at last a drum full of water came spurting out. With your excitement, you ran as fast as a horse carrying your pail home filling all the jars and drums of water for use. And every day, we can do the same thing by fetching water we may have difficulties in pumping at times but water always comes still for you to use. In making an investment the same thing applies, where you have to invest water before you start pumping and pumping and pumping until more water comes out for use with your pail. In our life, we walk through the path with a number of obstacles, weather changes, floodways, and many more. We encounter lots of experiences either good or bad that helps us fill the fruitful character that we become in the future reaching success.

Mark Hugh Neri

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