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Are you still thinking of investing. Yes, thinking instead of 'already' investing. Why? What happened to the plan? There must be something that is stopping you from doing so. Let me figure it out for you. A lot of people wants to invest but until today they still on the 'planning' phase. On this post I want to share some of the 'stoppers' of the will to invest. Let me know if you are guilty of one. Investing Stoppers Sale. More, more Sale!!! We tend to buy things when they are on sale thinking that we can save by doing so. But in reality, these sales are marketing strategy. Note that sales are often scheduled during the salary and Christmas seasons and even holidays. You know why? Because people are rich during those periods and people tend to spend more. And spending more means nothing left to invest. Wrong information or perception. Are you someone who thinks that investing is only for rich people. I am not rich but I'm proud to say that I have already started to invest since last year. If you are thinking this way then you are being stopped by the wrong information. People think that it is also expensive to invest, guess what - their gadgets and trips are way more expensive. Manana Habit - The act of setting aside something that needs to be done today and planning to do it later. Waiting for the perfect time is the last thing that you should do because in investing there is no such thing as perfect time. There can be but we don't really know. The perfect time to invest is now! Too much expenses. Spending too much can kill your investing funds. Be it on your needs or wants, it really stops you from investing. The escape from this stopper is by preparing a budget and following it religiously. Responsibility. This might be the most difficult to avoid and can be not-so-negative but still counts as one stopper. Being the breadwinner means having to spend not only for yourself but for others as well. Most of these stoppers can be avoided but it is up to you if you'll allow them to stop you. Discipline plays a vital role in investing and so is sacrifice. I am guilty for some of these but that won't stop me from doing what I have already started. Happy investing! Image from

Mark Hugh Neri

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