Jonathan Livingston Seagull; A Story.

Particularly a book about life's flight and its challenges and a powerful book to admonish self-perfection. Topped as one of the best-selling novels in the US; this book was a part of my study in High School 2nd Year Level English and Literature, the teachers purpose as I remember is for us to absorb the interesting topic and of being inspired of the future life as we get old. Though I did not pay much attention to this before, I have realized now that apart from the inspiring story, the teacher all said the truth; it's the truth about Life being enjoyable, challenging, exciting, and sometimes, oppressing but tolerable and worth learning for us to go on with life applying the lessons learned. By reading it all over again since then. In the book, I've loved Jonathan Livingston seagulls’ passion for something different than the usual practices by his family and ancestors in search for food. He is tiresome on the limited excitement of a seagull's life in his flock. His powerful determination in flight; led him to learn about flying, while his unwillingness to confirm resulted in being an outcast from his flock due to a conflict created by his dreams. He loved being independent by his ability to lead his life. Time came when he met two flight loving seagulls and transcend in to a society of gulls who enjoy the same as he is. Perfection in flight from a long time of practice can only be renowned as him. They stuck together as a flock enjoying the same passion they are in, and being a good student. To utilize the lucidity in flight Jonathan has been told by his teacher to "keep working on love" and the ability to forgive which is knew is not easy to progress which for him is through becoming a teacher and not just working hard as a student. Jonathan returns to his old flock and shared his ideals and experience ready for the difficult fight from the rules of this society. The ability to forgive seems to be a mandatory "passing condition." To be equal with freedom, love, self-respect and most important forgiveness for others and for yourself is equally important to cope with the rules Discovering Independence from being an outcast, discovering how great you are from the experiences gained by learning from mistakes taking them as lessons. Sharing the knowledge and improving life in the practice of happiness. The greatest lesson in this book is to learn, learn, learn and learn. Loved quote: "We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill." Written by : Richard Bach Click here to get your copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull; A Story

Mark Hugh Neri

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