Journey To Success. Who To Get Along With?

It is believed that the people we are with and the environment that we are on reflects what our character is. Every anticipation, gesture, word spoken, expressions made etc. Are all combined into YOU. This is a perception that I have generalized in getting along with childhood friends, neighbors, classmates, friends, officemates, groups etc. I have realized that every person I befriend with becomes me; my childhood friend, who loves dancing, made me a dancer. There was this person who helped me from being depressed caused by my parents separation and neglect who presented me the world in a different view from the dark past that made me who I am today: a brave fighter. At college the classmates I joined at first year asked me to have a group study at the library to broaden our information on a certain topic, dragged me to the prayer room to get closer to God, and brought me along with a lunch out at the back of a University where we can have a delectable affordable lunch sets to help save our allowances. The working environment has added a big factor since I have got along with different sorts of people; I have considered many of them as an inspiration and an idol. These people have helped me adjust with the environment I am in with every situation and most importantly in reaching SUCCESS. A thought to myself during my first; who are the best people to spend time with? The ones who speak of what has been heard, the people who speak from experience but failed or those who speak of what has been experienced that succeeded? -I describe the first, to be the people who speak of the details that they have gathered which has been made into a good writing, who can speak of only what has been heard, from those who have experienced and may conclude based only on what they can think of with a certain situation. The bad side here is of what previews the person sees the story which is in two other way: positive or negative. -Second person as I view, can be of two types, A type are people who speak from experience who unfortunately failed, who may speak of the experience but may emphasize the bad things that they have faced in taking their path for the failed goal. B type, are those who are full of hope and who are still striving to reach trying all other positive ways to reach an achievement. -The third person, the successfully experienced people, will speak of the success reached from the thousands steps they have had in their journey going to success. No matter how bad, it is proven worth it as they have succeeded. Noticing the classification of people to accompany with made me notice these and its effects to those learners like me. Those on the first type may say things that have no compound origin as it is not experienced and may only be based from their overview that may mislead you in believing the information absorbed. And those on the second type may discourage the listeners and readers in striving to success because of the unsuccessful attempts and the bad experiences. “If you're trying to invent something new, you're going to reach a lot of discouraging points, and most people give up.” - Steve Lacy One morning while having coffee with my colleague at work, she told me that no matter how much good retreat you get from a group or from someone, if there is a negative aura on your way home, it’ll surely be absorbed if you give a damn on it and carry that depressed, anxious feeling throughout the day. But if you do not entertain such, every day will be a vacation. Whist the third speaker may encourage many for their efforts fruit of success is a definite proof. “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.” – Mark Zuckerberg “By giving people the power to share, we're making the world more transparent.” Mark Zuckerberg And one clear fact in my opinion based from experience, if you spend time around successful people you are most likely to personify the attitude, action, approach and insights towards building a better greater future for yourself. Have a good interesting talk about finance and saving ideas for with your friends. Share helpful topics be aware.

Mark Hugh Neri

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