Know your Enemy: Impulse Buying

I love buying things, shoes, bags, clothes, sometimes just some random things. I see it, look a little bit, admire, and then buy it. Nope I’m just not yet in the level of shopaholic I’m just demonized by what’s been bugging most of consumers; IMPULSE. I’m admitted to be one. It can follow us everywhere and even dictate to me what supposed to be a non-sense to be something really important. Impulse in Buying is defined as an unplanned buying decision. [caption id="attachment18085" align="aligncenter" width="500"] From[/caption] Even a well budgeted individual can have this, but you don’t have to blame yourself because impulse buying is caused by many factors or even the environment itself. Yes, since some factors are to be connected within ourselves, then it is innate for us consumers to have impulse especially in buying. It isn’t a severe case yet if you know what is it and you know how to control it. If you know these factors may bring you to your impulse, then you can be aware that it’s just a trigger. You can still clear up your mind and move on without impulse. Factors that Triggers impulsive buying Senses and Emotions – this one comes from you. Your eyes, nose, ears, hands, and mouth can dictate you to buy something or dictate if it’s something you need. Like when you see glittery, colorful, fragrant object or food, our senses help us to desire it. It’s innate in us to want something. Or maybe a bad day may trigger us to crave for something, redeem ourselves with any payable material thing. Soon after you will realize it’s not worth it. Promotional Packages – a good package, wrapper, container or even a box can lure you and your impulse. But here’s a fact, those packages are well researched aiming for your impulse weakness. They are created for the main purpose of you having an impulse. Products with good packages are like loaded guns ready to hit you and your budget anytime. So will you pull its trigger? Gaya-gaya Puto maya – This is also a term called, Monkey theory where Monkey one buys, Monkey two imitates. Will you get something just because someone else does? Forget your yabang and think of practicality. Will it still be in trend if you’re in debt? I bet not. Discounts – Yep, one of the most famous brands had a sale and you buy thinking it’s one good catch. While you still have a dozen pairs of everything at home that you can still use, you buy because of discounts. Here’s a fact; a good catch is something worth of its value which you need and will be using not just because of a discount. Mindset – Your brain can also fool you too sometimes. If you think your salary is enough to buy things more than what you need, or if you think you have to give a gift for yourself well you have to wake up. Not every day is your birthday, nor it is Christmas. Take it off your head. Being wise is better than having a fake mindset of well off living. Peers Pressure – When one of your friend invites you to give in to something, try in to something off course you’ll do it, he’s a friend anyways. But instead of them influencing you, why not influence them instead? Be a person of standpoint. You have to know these factors and discern whether it is an impulse or not. Learn to read, assess and verify, it is your responsibility as a wise consumer. Although all these are present and you may say unavoidable, let me remind you that in the end it is still your choice whether to give in and spend that blood earn peso just for something that you might regret. It’s better to learn to control yourself early before you might end up being a shopaholic and ruin your life. Be on budget, control your Life, and control your impulse. You are the King of yourself. Sources:

Mark Hugh Neri

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