Learn To Say No!

Just came home from my new job orientation and I would like to share one thing I have learned. It's about the drawing below. I can really relate on to these three simple words we often say to people when we are asked something - sure, fine, whatever. From our daily work, to events, to major decisions, to relationships and anything else we have answered these words one way or another. Would you believe that telling these words can lead you to doing the things you hated the most. If you are being the 'passive' one, you will end up just agreeing on what other people might think that you enjoy doing. It can result to doing things that you don't want to do. So, what do we do in order not to end up like that? Learn to say NO! At any point in your life you will have to disagree on some matters. It may disappoint you, your colleague or anyone in your surrounding but if you really feel that you don't affirm what other people say - then say NO to it. You don't always have to be the good guy. You need to consider yourself too. You don't have to give in to everything that will help other people. Help yourself first! I am a bit guilty on this one and I am really challenged to changing this attitude. I was the kind of being passive most of the time because I thought it was good to just agree and let some things happen. Now, I will challenge myself to be firm on what I believe in and take a stand. How about you? Are you the one who just nods blindedly or are you someone who takes the decision to his or her own hands and stand for it?

Mark Hugh Neri

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