Left, Right, Back, Front, Curve?

It is familiar with Filipinos; almost all of us have gone through reading El Filibusterismo by our National Hero: Jose Rizal. Why am I writing this here? It is because of a concept that almost all of us are alike the "Bapor Tabo" (Steamboat with a dripper shaped bottom). What is that? We all continue through life with a steam pump that makes us move it could either be: your past, your problems, your dreams, the future whatsoever that pushes you to the limits. We meet a person that contribute different emotional, mental, intellectual attributes to our characters that is all inside of us, hidden with perfect white paint; we can hide what’s within but, notice that as we take the road of life, at some point, we had been confused on which direction to take and what is the next move. Worse, some dwell in that suffering and ignore any possible changes. Like the "Bapor Tabo" with a round shaped base most of us if prematurely had gone or been exposed through life, have confusions on which direction to go to, just as the ship goes along the Pasig River. At times, strong waves move us, storms shift us, winds push us, and obstacles restrain us and many more. Lucky for those who are conscious and notices the events as it is the point to realize - change and improvement. But, for those who are not please take a moment and anticipate. Here are some questions to answer 1. Do you know what will happen if you stay this way? 2. Do you love your stay in your comfort zone? 3. Are you weak enough? 4. Who else will help you? 5. Do you fear going on your own? 6. Do you see yourself this way forever? 7. Does adventure UN-excite you? 8. Do being the "best" un-thrill you? 9. Deadlines don’t startle you? 10. Do you even have a dream? 11. Do you have faith? Once these self-questioning is answered and is decided take a note of it in a paper write your dreams, your goals for a day, goals for a year, goal after 5 years then, 10 years until you retire. You may never notice that these challenges slowly shape you up (your ship) into a pointed and a resistant from waves in every turn. In the end, it’s all a matter of your choice. Never stop, never be confident and content with your achievements as life doesn't just stop there it goes and goes until the deadline of the unknown. “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.” - Steven Jobs. Fill yourself with every effort possible to make your life the best one; Remember God will always guide you (A).

Mark Hugh Neri

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