Let's Do It 2013 - Financial Targets

My 2012 financials was a mess! Almost every target discussed from Goodbye 2011 - End of Year Reflection was not hit. Now it's 2013, I want to re-establish my goals and probably would set to a bit lower so that it will be more realistic and easier to achieve. Let's have a review of the goals in 2012, see if it was accomplished or not and have a target for this year. Employment. My target was to have an increase that is at least higher than the rate of inflation. Since the rate of inflation plays around 4-6% for 2012, I guess I have hit this target. Blogging. The movement on the earnings is very bad and slow. Might be because I do not post regularly. I will give this a 50/50 since aside from this blog I have also started other blogs as well. This year I will post as much as I can so I can see significant progress with the earnings. Equity Mutual Funds. Still very small and I was not able to add regularly to the fund. This year, since I have a lot of obligations and expenses, I might lower the monthly addition but will now do it religiously. Life Insurance. I missed one quarter of premiums so I need to pay double this first quarter. Networking Business and Pig-raising venture. Both are failure since I was not able to give it more time as I was very busy with my day job. Still thinking if it is already the time to be on the business since it really needs a lot of time and effort. Agricultural Farm Venture. I am already discussing to withdraw from it since the return of investment is very little to none. Hope I can get this from within the first quarter of 2013. Stock market investment. Last March 2012, I have tried to buy some stocks through Citiseconline and so far I was able to gain ~20% within 9 months. I guess I will now continue to add more shares as the Philippine Stock Market is getting stronger. 2012 was not a great one but deserves some credit for teaching me a lot of lessons. Let's hope I would not commit the same mistake this year. Let's do it!

Mark Hugh Neri

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