Mining with SimpleMining OS - Better than NiceHash?

I am giving up with the troubles that a Windows-based mining rig have when installing several NVIDIA GPUs at once though it might also mean that I will be moving away from Nicehash.

At first I thought that it is some hardware issue but being able to run all my GPUs in Simple Mining OS (more of that later) means that it might have something to do with Windows and installing device drivers.

Troubleshooting Windows driver installation

Here are some steps I did before giving up on installing all GPUs

  • Performed uninstallation of existing drivers using DDU

  • Used the latest drivers from NVIDIA

  • Performed clean install of Windows 10 before installing the drivers

  • Changed risers and cables combinations

  • Changed PCIe slot connections combinations

SimpleMining OS to the rescue

Although I haven't tried other alternatives (EthOS), I strongly recommend using SimpleMining OS to mine cryptocurrencies. It supports several miner programs such as claymore, ethminer, ewbf, sgminer, etc.

It also supports both AMD and NVIDIA cards - each has their own OS images. The first time I run the OS, it already detected my four NVIDIA GPUs! All is left is to configure overclock settings and selecting which miner program to use.

PROs over Nicehash

  1. No more GPU driver installation needed
  2. Boot from USB Flash drive (no need to buy hard drive)
  3. Easily manage your rigs using their website (no need to install other tools such as TeamViewer)

CONs over Nicehash

  1. Might be too technical for beginner miners
  2. You need to decide which "coin" to mine to maximize profitability
  3. Costs $2/month per rig (VS Nicehash which is free)

Bye Nicehash (for now?)

I have some balance left in Nicehash, and might mine (hash) again using it to get the remaining balance. But for now, I'll focus on pool mining Etherium using SimpleMining OS.

If you are insterested in learning Simple Mining, check out their website at

Here's my hashrates using SimpleMining OS
GPU0: Palit GTX 1070 Dual OC
GPU1-3: Palit GTX 1050Ti Dual OC
GPU0 t=60C fan=80%, GPU1 t=52C fan=80%, GPU2 t=56C fan=80%, GPU3 t=54C fan=80%
ETH: 10/31/17-10:17:17 - New job from
ETH - Total Speed: 78.264 Mh/s, Total Shares: 426, Rejected: 0, Time: 07:28
ETH: GPU0 32.366 Mh/s, GPU1 15.298 Mh/s, GPU2 15.311 Mh/s, GPU3 15.288 Mh/s

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