Money Gizmo's 12 Tips for Christmas Shopping

Christmas is fast approaching and this means a lot of people are going to malls and bazaar to buy gifts for their friends and love ones. So here are some of my simple tips when doing your Holiday shopping. 1. Avoid last minute shopping. Shopping is the most stressful as Christmas day comes near. Why not start buying gifts as early as November? Sales and discounts starts to appear as early as a month before Christmas. Also, some things are more expensive as Christmas comes near due to decreasing stocks. 2. Dress simple. Don't wear jewelries and expensive watches. You might have heard the news about snatchers and robbers and how do they perform their tricks even during the day. Leave your jewelries at home. Do not also wear expensive looking watches as you might not realize that your ears and wrists are lighter when you got home. 3. Don't bring your high-end gadgets. Same with the earlier tip, do not bring your Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone when going to the bazaars or malls especially when there are a LOT of people. You might not know if the person beside you will be shopping for stuff toys or your brand new cellphone. 4. Bring a list of names you'll buy gifts for. And it's better if you have already thought of the gift you are going to give beside their names so you won't be wasting time going around the mall just to think of a gift and ended with nothing. 5. Bring only the right amount of money. Set a budget for your Christmas shopping and as much as possible do not go beyond the limit. Do not bring a lot of extra money and be extra careful with your credit cards as someone might be doing the swipe when you drop it somewhere.6. Don't go alone. Bring along a friend of a family member to help you with your shopping. It will lessen the stress and will be handy when trouble comes along. 7. Eat before you go. Christmas shopping needs a lot of energy as you go from shops to shops when looking for the best buy so go shopping in a full stomach. You also won't like it if instead of looking for gifts, you go looking for food stalls just because you're hungry. 8. Observe the time. Time flies very fast while you're shopping. Check your watch if you still have hours left to buy gifts for everyone in your list. As much as possible, do your holiday shopping once as it will lessen your expense. 9. Always check your belongings. Check your wallet, coin purse, cellphone, credit cards as often as possible. You might be already focused in shopping that you have already forgotten the things you are carrying with you. Remember that you can't buy something without money. 10. Bring an extra shirt and towel. There's also chance that you will perspire due to the long walks and going around the stores, so at least bring an extra clothing so you can change after the stressful shopping. 11. Bring some meds. This won't take a large portion of your bag but becomes handy when you're hit by your high-blood or anything that needs you to take in your medicine. 12. Don't forget the real meaning of Christmas. Yes, you are prepared and careful during your shopping but don't forget the real meaning of why you buy your friends and family gifts for Christmas. It is because you want to share what you have in spirit of giving not because you just wanted to buy them for the sake of giving them something for Christmas. I hope you follow these simple tips when doing your holiday shopping. Good luck, enjoy and Merry Christmas! Image from 

Mark Hugh Neri

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