Money Mindset

I just want to share want I learn about Money Mindset from a seminar which I have attended last year. The speaker was "Chinkee Tan", he is a wealth coach who already appears in many TV shows talking about money stuff. During the seminar, I discovered a lot of concepts, theories about financial security but the most important lesson I have learned was the Power of Mindset that determines the result of your actions. [alert-note] His philosophy is MINDSET + ACTION = RESULT. [/alert-note] Example: [alert-announce] Good mindset + Good action = Good result [/alert-announce] [alert-warning] Bad mindset + Bad action = Bad result [/alert-warning] Let me give you an example. Filipinos are known for their hard work and diligence and that is we are loved by foreign investors. Do you agree? So now, the question is why most Filipinos are still poor in spite of our hard work? (Lets admit this fact) The answer is that most Filipinos have poverty mindset which results to them for being poor. If you ask them, do you want to become rich? They would say "Yes". But when you ask, how much do you want to earn in a monthly basis? They would say "Just enough" or "Just for us to eat 3 times a day". If you have the same answer, then I tell you, you have a poor mindset. So if you want to get rich, have a Rich mindset + Rich action = RICH. And one way to have Rich mindset, "Start reading Money Gizmo!"

Mark Hugh Neri

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