Multiple Streams of Income By Robert Allen

I would like to share an audio by Robert G. Allen titled Creating a Multiple Streams of Income. In this MP3, he shared his own story on how he become financially free through multiple streams of income. According to him, there's someone who becomes a millionaire every 60-seconds. If other people can do it, so are you and me, right? He also said that we should be millionaires too because we want to not because we need to. Most people spend their lives looking ways to be millionaires but often became tired and soon they run out of energy, time and life. [panel-image src=""] According to him, there's four things he called money mountains which can bring you this multiple streams of income. [impt text="Investments."] By investment he means the stock market. You buy shares of a company and when the value of that stock became higher than when you bought it, you sell for profit. If you want to learn more about investing in the stock market and how you can earn from it, please read about my post - Stocks in easy to understand terms.[divider] [impt text="Real Estate."] The basic idea on how one can earn from real estates is you buy one property which can be a house, house and lot, lot alone, an apartment unit, condominium unit or a commercial space and then selling it to other people with much higher price.[divider] [impt text="Marketing products."] You have a unique talent and you can make fortune out of it. You can either create products or deliver services with your talent. You can be a millionaire by selling yourself.[divider] [impt text="Internet."] In this world of modern media, a lot of people already changed their lives and the lives of others. They made fortune by using the Internet, some are makers of the most popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter while some makes a living from their websites and blog and by internet marketing, on-line freelancing and other online money-making ideas.[divider] Other than knowing what these income streams are, you should also know the system on how these things works. You should allot time to learn and be an expert on at least one of them. It is not enough to be aware of these multiple streams of income but also, we should know how to earn using each. Image credits:

Mark Hugh Neri

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