My current challenges as an online marketer

The world of internet marketing or making money online just like any kind of work is a very challenging yet rewarding job. Some would even think that using the internet to generate extra passive income is something that can be done without much effort. They are all wrong! As someone who is learning the in and outs of internet marketing through blogging, site creation, affiliate marketing and many more, there are some challenges I encounter from day-to-day. Some would be simple and small while some of the challenges can greatly affect you, your productivity and even your dream as a whole.

What are the challenges?

Fast and reliable internet connection.

I was using a fast DSL internet connection before it got disconnected. Right now I am just using a mobile internet connection since it is the most practical at the moment. But unfortunately it was more of a burden than practicality. If you plan to start an internet marketing part-time, make sure you got a steady and decent internet connection. Some freelance projects even post this as a requirement before you apply for one.

Limited time of the day.

I am not a full-time internet marketer - at least not yet until the earnings from online assets are already twice or three times my current salary and I suggest you also consider this one before you resign from your ‘rat-race’ job from 9 to 5. Since I am only doing this for part-time, I am very limited in this resource. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice and still writer, create content and develop to overcome this kind of challenge.

Slow-pace during start.

I believe that when internet marketing is done correctly, it will give you money and wealth more than what you really expect. Combined with reason number 2, blogging or anything that requires full-time effort makes it a very tedious thing to do especially if you are already running out of ideas. It can also be very boring when you write good articles but visitors and earnings remain low.

Temptations of the web.

Since you are working in front of your computer, you will be tempted to open your personal favorite sites such as social media, news, sports or just plain entertainment. You should avoid being tempted to everything that may distract you.

5. Steep learning curve.

Blogging or any kind of making money online is no kid-stuff. So far there’s no course in college that will teach you how to blog or how to use the internet to earn money. The most common way to learn these things is by reading blog posts and e-books, YouTube videos, and by attending seminars about it.

These challenges might not be only true for me but for some of bloggers as well. What’s important is we stay on track, remain focused and keep our eyes on our ultimate goal to earn passive income using the internet.

Mark Hugh Neri

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