My First Google Adsense Payout

Guess what, after some years of being into Google Adsense, I had my first payout just recently before I got here in Malaysia. To tell you the truth, it took me more than 2 years from the time I registered with Google Adsense to reaching the minimum amount for cash out which is $100.

To learn how to start your own blog and earn passive income through Google Adsense, you can read my article How to start your own blog and check out my blog posts about making money online.

How to encash your Google Adsense payout

Using Google Adsense, you have two way to turn that online earnings to cash. One is to have them give you a cheque. Google will deliver you a cheque after you achieve the minimum amount.

The other way is by using Western Union Quick Cash. With this, you have to the Money Transfer Control Number or MTCN which you can find at your Google Adsense Dashboard and go to the nearest Western Union, fill-out a form and present a valid ID such as passport, driver's license or national ID.

When can you cash out?

Upon getting the minimum amount to cash out at the end of the month, it will take several days before the actual payment is paid to you. For example, I was able to reach more than $100 at the end of May then payment was done 25 days after, June 25. After that, I claimed it on July 1, 2013. So, if your favorite thing to do is to write and share thoughts, then why not make money out of it? Let me know if you want to learn more and I am more than willing to help you get started.

Mark Hugh Neri

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