My Journey Towards Financial Freedom

Believing in yourself that you will be successful is the key to inspire others. When you show you are confident that you can, you will get positive feedback and respect from others. There are times when people upset you and let you down. However, in those moments, you must remind yourself of the need to trust your own judgment, and focus on believing yourself and all that you are capable of. You need to believe that you can change the situations in your life if you desire so. Moreover, you must have the confidence and courage to face the many challenges that you will encounter in life. Thanks, I have them all! Indeed, for a twenty two-year old like me, to commit of becoming financially independent someday is “easier said than done”. However, it came already to a point when I finally decided that I should be responsible enough to handle my finances, to spend wisely, and invest smartly. In fact, I am the only one earning a living for my family. In other words, I have to shoulder every centavo spent for our food, electricity, house rentals, as well as provision for my sister’s daily school allowances. Well, I have no complaints for being the breadwinner in my family; it is rather one of the most fulfilling roles in my life, making me a better person at an early age. Verily, I am always definite with my goals in life. Four years ago, I told myself that I would be an IT professional. Thus, I studied hard and as a result, I was a consistent scholar in our University. At present, I am doing my best to do well in the IT industry, as ten years from now I want to be financially independent. I want to retire early with at least ten million net worth or even more. Eight years from now, I want to own a house and lot. Consequently, five years from now I want to own a franchising business. I believe that to achieve all of these, I should be committed in all the things I do. Looking back it has been one year and a month since I decided to get a variable life insurance and mutual fund from Sun life. A year ago, I got a savings plan from Insular Home Credit. Then barely 9 months ago, I entered the stock market. These are the solutions that I designed in order for me to achieve my financial goals. Frankly speaking, I decided to get a life insurance for the reason that no one would help my family if something dreadful happens to me. I do not want to leave my family with nothing. I wanted them to have at least something to start over with and become financially independent, as I always wanted our family to be. I believe that acquiring a Sun life insurance is the best thing that I ever decided. I added a mutual fund because I applied the knowledge I learned from financial materials. I believe that a mutual fund is one of the best options to start with. I chose Sun Life because I believed in the credibility of the company. I acquired a savings plan from Insular Home Credit, which is auto-debit from my salary every cut-off. Moreover, I started investing in the stock market with the guidance of a financial mentor. I decided to take the investor’s path instead of trading. I believe in the Philippine stock market, and I want to be included in the small percentage of Filipinos who invest their money in stocks. Of course, I want to inspire more people in my age to invest their money as well. And to inspire you more, here is a print screen of my portfolio of what I have already gained from the stock market: [panel-image src="" caption="Earning via the Stock Market"] As I've said, I only entered the stock market with the guidance of Mr. Bo Sanchez by being a truly rich club member. You can visit this link - The Truly Rich Club to know more. Basically, he would send us stocks update every week on what stocks to buy and what stocks should we sell and of course the percentage that we would gain from buying the stock. Well, I would recommend this strategy if you have no time learning all the things you need to know when investing in the stock market because it's very dangerous to get into it without guidance. It's been 9 months ago but you could see that I already gained almost 10,000 php from my 43,000 php , not bad, right? :) You can also shoot me an email at or add me on facebook if you want to know more on how and where to start, I'll be very much willing to help you :) So going back, you would think that how do I budget my salary for the numerous investment tools that I have? Well, every cut-off, I see to it that I set aside 50% of my salary for supporting my family needs; 10%, for savings; 20%, for stocks; 10%, for mutual funds; and 10%, for my personal allowance. In addition to the said scheme, every time I get a bonus or earn from a freelance project, I committed myself that such income will be allotted to investments in stocks and mutual funds. In the past, I thought that it would be hard to save and invest. But I realized that if you set financial plans and goals coupled with commitment, saving and investing would be so easy. It would become a habit that you would never regret doing. I am glad also that since I decided months ago to act so as to become financially independent, I become more disciplined and responsible person. Someday, I will be a millionaire, and I will retire with passive income! This will allow me to help instead of expecting monetary assistance from my family. With my humble experience, I can say that having a financial plan is a great help to budget my income wisely. I do not want to be a typical employee who just spends money on things without financial planning, and just wait again for the next cut off toward an uncertain future. Ever since I started my journey to financial freedom, I have influenced my colleagues to save and invest their hard-earned money. My friends and sisters even read the financial books that I had read. They asked me how at my age, I learned to be committed in investing my money. I gave them advice on how and where to invest because I want them also to be financially independent someday. I remembered one of my colleagues saying: “I am sure, Manel; someday, you will have a lot of money, because you are determined and at your young age, you already know how to save and invest.” With such declaration, the more I will hold on to my commitment and perseverance not only for my goal to get rich but also to inspire others to follow what I have been doing. I know a lot of people of my age will be encouraged to do the same. Particularly, I want the newly hired college graduates to realize that earning money does not mean for buying all the things they want. Earning money means being responsible enough to invest for the future and family. Even the Bible in Proverbs 21:20 counsels: “The wise man saves for the future but the foolish man spends whatever he gets”. I believe in myself. I believe that I can be an inspiration to others, who are struggling to be financially independent; more so to the breadwinners. I believe that there are no impediments for a person who is really decisive and wise. Neither lack of money nor status in life can stop an individual from achieving his or her goals in life. I subscribe to the belief that nothing is impossible under the sun, and I keep saying to myself: “I believe I can achieve it!”

Mark Hugh Neri

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