Not to blame the government all the time

I am not pretty sure but I guess people almost blame everything to the government - especially when mishaps happen to them. I am taking a financial point of view and most of the people from the marginal sector thinks that it is the government's fault why they are poor. Everyone is responsible for their own future. This includes your financial future as well. Why are there rag-to-riches business tycoons today? Because they have decided earlier in their life that they are going to start the journey and would not stop until they get there. They are not the ones who blame mishaps to anyone including the government. They believe that they can change their destiny. Doesn't matter when they started but they have acted at least at some point in their life. I am talking about the common employee. There are a lot of employees who don't care about their future. They just live day-by-day, they spend everything they have until their next pay day. They would tell you that you have to enjoy life. Now, where are the most of the common employees? Some would be painfully in deep debts, some would be working for more than 8 hours per day just to have some additional income, some would be having the jobs they don't really like but because the pay is good, they accept it. These is in real life and still happening today. What you need to do now is reflect and think about it. Your future belongs to none other than you. Believe in your dreams cause without it, you don't have something to live for.

Mark Hugh Neri

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